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John Falstaff
17-10-03, 19:54
Hi Everyone,


It seems there may be a minor victory in stemming the tide against GM crops. Maybe organic farming can continue?


Will the UK government and agri-business give way - or will this still be foisted on us?

17-10-03, 20:09
Great article. Does anyone comprehend Monsanto's baloney?

John Falstaff
17-10-03, 20:17
Up to a point Gonga. The bottom line is 'buy our products', (seeds and inputs). I'd also be interested to know about the sale of production chain. Some of us remember the same BS re the 'green revolution' way back when. Now the issues seem even sharper.


What's the situation in North America on GM crops?


(Baloney: I thought that was a nasty cheap sausage, are the growing that now?)

17-10-03, 20:35
hehe Yeah, and another way to say "BS."

Genetically modified crops are of course being tweaked for agribusiness in the US and supported by the administration. It isn't the big issue here as it is in the UK, unfortunately. But of course, our beloved pres has a lot to say about the EU's refusal to import it under the WTA! That's one reason why I was happy to read your article. Bush's stand reminds me of Reagan's stand against controlling air pollution to curb acid deposition..."there's no evidence of environmental harm."

Bush on GM crops and free trade in Europe (http://edition.cnn.com/2003/BUSINESS/08/29/wto.gm.reut/)

John Falstaff
17-10-03, 20:50
It's funny how 'free trade' is always, over the centuries, dragged out by those who would benefit from it!


Even stranger is how democratic and environmental concerns are of a lesser import than 'free trade'. But GM is really serious, especially if crossing occurs. It could threaten all other forms of agric. production. Even 'normal' production - let alone organic - could be compromised, effectively reducing choice (I thought that was meant to be a 'free market virtue') to zero!

It reminds me of the 19th centuary when the 'imperial' powers attacked China in the name of free trade. I mean what a bunch of bounders and cads the Chinese government were. How DARE they refuse to buy British opium? The markets are there, and Free Trade IS a principle - far and above any rubbish that Moses brought down from the mountain!


17-10-03, 22:22
One tging that is being overlooked in the GM debate is the amount of weedkiller that is being used to kill off the weeds. This weedkiller will have residue left on the crop. What harm do these do to the body?

John Falstaff
17-10-03, 22:35


So many things have been left out! Even the tests that undermine the Governments case, which they set up, ignore the most controversial thing - crossing with other plants/crops!

We've been over producing in Europe for decades! Why are we even considering this rubbish? Why are the government pushing this? Have they been paid off?


Yours, more in anger than in sorrow,

John Falstaff

17-10-03, 22:42
John i hope you not accusing the poddle of back handers that could never happen 'cough'

17-10-03, 22:47
Here is an interesting take on Kraft.


John Falstaff
17-10-03, 22:55
Thanks for the ad. Isabella!

I want to try more Kraft, I like real chedder! Sadly we don't get enough in France!

It's all this real cheese guff!


Neil, Poodles don't take backhanders, just poncey new haircuts!