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09-02-10, 01:41
Ok I decided to play the game again after beating it over and over and first I went to croft manor and in the gym,on the other side where there is this thing where you can pull it so she does the flips around it or she can use it as a pole, I jumped on that while it was a horizontal bar and she was holding on to a vertical bar but you couldn't see though.

Then, when I was in Nepal, I got to the part with the huge room with the leopard's/tiger's, one on each side of the room, I noticed huge snowballs floating in midair and after the scene with Excalibur where you have to run and jump to each platform, I couldn't progress after the first platform on the left because the rest of the platforms were already missing!

Has anyone ever experienced these glitches before? Also sorry for not being able to take pictures of it, lol! I really wanted to but I don't have my camera now. :mad::(

09-02-10, 03:37
once in Peru Bike Part i just kept driving infinitly foward with no enmies for some reason..i had to restart :P

09-02-10, 03:43
once in Peru Bike Part i just kept driving infinitly foward with no enmies for some reason..i had to restart :P

That happend to me in Kazakstan (or whata ever it is called :rolleyes:)
I decided to drive to the right as far as I could...... At first I though I was being clever....little did I know how wrong I was :p

09-02-10, 03:55
i experienced one in nepal:).when you now enter the temple,there were all sorts of objects floating around:D.

09-02-10, 13:05
i had that no 'enemies and never moving on' problem in kazakhstan, i stayed pretty much right next to the train and for about 5 minutes or so i never saw one enemy, the one i did see cartwheeled off his bike without any interference from me

09-02-10, 18:02
At the end of Kazakhstan bike chase, when you have to land on the train, I falled down, but Lara got stucked in mid-air and I couldn't go anywhere, but down xD

09-02-10, 18:09
Ups, wrong topic xD

09-02-10, 22:22
Yeah it was so random, what happened yesterday lol! I was just like: What are these snowballs doing here? 0.0
I don't even remember seeing snowballs in the level, and also in the Peru bike race where you get to those trucks at the end, they weren't even moving and I had to quit the level. Then in the same race where you have to jump across the broken bridge, Lara didn't even make it because as soon as she hit the ramp she slowed down for no apparent reason. 0.0

09-02-10, 23:16
I was at the end of the Peru chase and the back of that one truck came off and the way I hit it acted as ramp and springboarded the motorcycle up high enough and to the left that it fell outside of the level into oblivion :vlol: :D

ultima espio
10-02-10, 18:22
In the Peru flashback, when Lara holds the gate and looks at Amanda getting buried by the rocks, her arms randomly started flapping around like she was one of them wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubemen :vlol:

Thats one of these btw:

keI59KRVco8 :vlol:

I think its a problem with my graphics card, my computer shuts off after that happens :/

11-02-10, 13:16
i remember the blown up bridge in Peru, i must have died about a dozen times before i finally made it over that gap

11-02-10, 18:00
Once when I was playing Kazakhstan, a merc got stuck on the front wheel of the bike, so I was driving with this merc lay on the front of the bike... Eventually he just fell off, but it was pretty funny :p

11-02-10, 18:03
I know after the bike chase, before the flashback, no matter what outfit Lara wears, in that cutscene she'll be in legend outfit :P