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19-02-10, 05:31
I see from Toy Fair 2010 held recently that Tonner is bringing out a new Tomb Raider doll, this time it is Amanda. Better late than never I suppose.


source (http://kotaku.com/5472279/the-160-doll-of-lara-crofts-nemesis)

19-02-10, 06:06
nice, i wish i could get my hands on the collectibles for Legend

19-02-10, 11:42
These are really nice dolls, but Lara one isn't a look-a-like
Amanda is very similar to- Amanda :D:D

19-02-10, 11:46
Amanda looks less EMO than in the game :ton:

19-02-10, 12:14
Isn't there already a thread on this :confused:

19-02-10, 12:52
Isn't there already a thread on this :confused:

Yeah I saw one too :P

19-02-10, 22:34
Aw… I just got the 12” Sideshow exclusive Lara from Legend for Christmas. I had no idea Toner made these! Thank you for posting them! I want an Amanda now lol :D

20-02-10, 07:01
Want nao.

Ward Dragon
20-02-10, 07:36
Darn, I'm partial to the black coat outfit (wish I had that outfit in real life XD) so too bad they went with the sports-bra outfit. I don't buy action figures anyway so I guess it doesn't matter :p

Also, is it just me or do the faces look a little strange on both dolls? I mean they look kind of standard-doll-ish and not really specific to Lara or Amanda.

Edit: Actually I guess the Amanda doll's face does look like how she does in TRU. I prefer the Legend face shape though. (I'm bored hence discussing an action figure I'll never buy XD)

20-02-10, 09:19
I do not like the doll's face, they could've made a better Amanda. But the outfit is amazing! :tmb:

20-02-10, 09:24
Love the outfit, hate the hair :p

She seems lost :p

20-02-10, 09:25
Isn't there already a thread on this :confused:

Sorry so there is in General chat, I will close this one. Please continue in the other thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=164769&highlight=Amanda).