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Smith will Suffice
07-12-04, 02:19
Hey guys

just wanted to sh ow you guys these pics now that i finally opened an account at photobucket...

i saw it and i just had to do it!

take a look at me bungee-ballet-ing. its much like the one in the first TR film. it was SOO much fun i do it all the time....




if u guys see it then u should definately check it out!!! its REALLY REALLY fun!!!!


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07-12-04, 09:35
I've done that once...

Its awesome....
But I missed a beautifull sound at the background :D :D

08-12-04, 02:10
i LOVE those things! im a pro at it because of my 11 yrs experience in gymnastics. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif its soooooo much fun!!

we had that type of harness over the trampolene at my gym and it was easier to do all this cool stuff.