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12-10-04, 16:36
I dont know if this is rumour, facts or teh source, i simply recieved it from a friend via email, and just though you should know incase it does happen, althogh i am sure after recent events yesterday, i think the news is quite old, and therefore any problems they could of encountered have been fixed, but i cannot be certain, as my Outlook Express and MSN have been playing up all day;

"we are very sorry for the problems that MSN are having but they will be fixed. MSN will shut down at 12:00 tonight for a week or so until we can figure out what has been going on. send this once again to at least 25 people it doesn't matter if they are the same people just do it so that we will not shut your account down thank you we are very sorry for the problems that MSN are having"

Again, this information could of been refering to yesterdays night.

12-10-04, 16:37
Reading it back, the launguage used and the way teh text is layed out, i dont think this is reliable at all!

12-10-04, 16:47
:rolleyes: No

12-10-04, 16:53
Or well, i would now laugh if MSN was like...discountinued or something. What would we all do, well me anyway, your never on it http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif