View Full Version : Stage 3

08-12-04, 06:38
We just hit stage 3 water restrictions and its only the first week of summer. Oh my, this is bad news.

08-12-04, 07:18
I know. I have just moved into a new house and we put turf down. It's not looking good.

08-12-04, 13:23
our lovely town of weymouth has had a water ban for the past 5 or 6 years. when it first started out we could only water the garden or w/e at certain times. so my mum and a lot of other people in our neighborhood got a well. so we dont have to worry about the ban any more.

09-12-04, 06:29
Lots of people here applied to sink bores/wells also. That has no been banned - no wells for you!

09-12-04, 06:35
Last summer I abused a woman for hosing down her driveway. Her driveway. A slab of concrete is more important then the thousands of animals that will be shot out of pity. Get a broom and SWEEP IT YOU LAZY SELFISH *****!

It makes me angry how ignorant people are when concerning our water consumption.

09-12-04, 09:29
Did you really call her a lazy selfish b-? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/silent.gif

09-12-04, 09:50
I love the automatic sprinkler systems that accidently come on at 3am - but regularly! We lived in a street like that.