View Full Version : Man caught drink-driving on lawnmower

tlr online
18-10-03, 15:58
A German man has lost his driver's licence after he was caught drink-driving on a lawnmower. Reiner S, 46, from Düsseldorf, parked his lawnmower in a pedestrian area after work and went for a drink. After several glasses of wine, he agreed to move the mower after passers-by complained it was in the way.

The Express newspaper reports he was stopped by police and found to be well above the permitted alcohol level for drivers. Even though the mower's top speed is less than 4mph, his licence was revoked for three months. Reiner S appealed, but a judge ruled the mower qualified as a motor vehicle, although he reduced the fine from £280 to £140.

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John Falstaff
18-10-03, 16:17
Not as daft as it sounds I suspect. My father's lawnmower is like a little tractor and is classified and insured like a motor vehicle. I don't think he get soused before cutting the grass though!

18-10-03, 16:41
Glad to see I'm not the only one who drinks and cuts their lawn. Guess I'll have to start watching out for the cops :D