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Smith will Suffice
09-12-04, 03:42
hey guys!

Spike TV is having their annual VIDEOGAME OF THE YEAR AWARDS FOR 2004

Lots of categories to vote for, check it out and then stay tuned december 14th for the winners! see site for details

have fun!


SPIKE TV Videogame of the Year Awards 2004 (http://www.spiketv.com/events/vga2004/)

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09-12-04, 06:40
oh, I thought this was just for fun in the forum. But it's for the Spike TV video game awards http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif

09-12-04, 08:24
I think the best game that I played this year was...

Max Payne 2 The Fall Of max payne

Beautifull graphics, amazing storyline, very good gameplay...etc

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09-12-04, 09:40
I think the best game I'll play this year... well, I'm still waiting for it to arrive the local store. :( Prince of Persia - Warrior Within. :D

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