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14-10-04, 16:44
I just saw that a minute ago and thought it was really cool and needed to discuss it and since it put both my parents to sleep I thought I'd come here and also ask you opinions on it...so y'know what do you think if you've seen it that is http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

14-10-04, 17:21
I saw it in the theatre and thought it was pretty good.

14-10-04, 18:33
yay a reply. c'mon people. You know you want to *mischevious eyes*

14-10-04, 18:47
Tell us more about the Hollow Man? No, i haven't seen it, what have you seen?

15-10-04, 01:31
Yeah I've seen it. I thought it was scary. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

15-10-04, 05:56
i saw it some 3-4 years ago - i dont even remember the whole plot :confused: but yea, from what i remember it was cool and kinda scary too

15-10-04, 13:16
not so much scary as creepy. The crudely constructed mask creeped me out a little then when you watch how it's made it's not so smart. Yeh he goes invisible. That'd be so cool. What would you do if you were invisible like he was :D

15-10-04, 15:47
Hollow man ... Kevin Bacon plays the mad scientist stopping at nothing for his hour of glory. He plays it well, excellent movie that is watchable over and over.

15-10-04, 15:55
Yea, I've seen it, but long time ago. It's a great movie.

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16-10-04, 08:54
yeh. about the over and over part.

Kevin Bacon is cool :D

17-10-04, 07:16
hollow man okay movie but I kevin next door neighbor
know as lara croft model rhona mirta

17-10-04, 12:00
Yeah its cool, when the water goes on him near the end!

18-10-04, 00:46
i didnt really care to go see it. when i saw it on tv i thought it was okay. i spotted rhona mitra in it! but other than that i didnt think it was great or anything.

18-10-04, 17:57
Originally posted by SpArKy:
Yeah its cool, when the water goes on him near the end!And the blood. Gotta love the blood.

18-10-04, 19:23
I watched it a long time ago, and I remember the scene in which the good guys were fighting the "invisible" bad guy, atop the elevator I think, and for some reason I can't remember only his skin was invisible. He looked like a skinless monstrous something from TR1's Atlantis, very impressive http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif