View Full Version : GM crops - reducing food choice?

John Falstaff
18-10-03, 22:41
Hi Everyone,


We seem to be on an unstopable tidal wave of GM crops.


Why is this technology being pushed - when no one needs it? Am I the only one concerned that GM crop production will destroy other (organic) options? Why are the British, and other, governments simply accepting this?

All I hear is a resounding silence!

:mad: :mad:

18-10-03, 22:49
When I Google on the subject, all the links are UK, and most are regarding the controversy. Here in the US, only Ralph Nader seems to care.

John Falstaff
18-10-03, 22:58
Hi Gonga,


But can I ask why? Don't people understand that with GM crops if/when they cross other options can be closed off. It's a decision that can be irreversable.

None of this is touching on the issue that a handfull of companies will control the entire production process. If alternatives are shut out then they really will have us by the short and curlies!

Was there really no debate in north america?

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