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05-05-10, 11:24
Hi guys,

I am just wondering if someones of you have some experience of these two phones and I'd like to ask you which one of them is better.

Legend of Lara
05-05-10, 11:27
They look like iPhone ripoffs.

05-05-10, 13:47
They look like iPhone ripoffs.

:vlol: Come on, you could of least said, ''sorry, can't help you''. :p

I not very good when it comes to phones, so I don't know. Sorry. :o

05-05-10, 15:33
They look like iPhone ripoffs.

Seeing as though they feature neither any of the same applications and are based on a almost new OS, i beg to differ.

As far as i know, the Desire is the better option seeing as though it has slightly more Ram than the Nexus and it just looks a lot nicer. The Desire also has HTC Sense which makes the phone more fun to use :)
I think they're both on the Android 2.1 Eclair Platfrom so there isn't really a difference there. They both have 1GHz processor. I think the Nexus one can be bought unlocked to any network though which is probably another advantage.
Personally, i would go for the Desire :tmb:

05-05-10, 15:39
I'd like to buy a new HTC, as I'm very pleased with it.

I'm going to wait for Windows Phone 7 to arrive tho.
I'd love to get my hands on the Dell Lightning.


05-05-10, 15:40
I don't really think any other brand can beat a good HTC :p

05-05-10, 16:18
I use the HTC Desire. its an awesome `geek` phone..

The Nexus one is identical hardware except for a few things. The Nexus One has a roller ball, not a optical `pointer`, it also has the very expensive noise reduction system (has a microphone on the other side which picks up ambient sounds and cancels them out - great idea, but adds to cost a lot)

I really loving my phone. I have used the iphone quite a lot (thanks to my lovely gf having one) and i have to say its a very impressive phone, truly knowing the market its aimed at and doing everything it wants to very well and with lovely presentation etc.. the HTC Desire/Nexus One are the geeks version, being able to get into the back end of things to see how it works, able to multitask etc.. yes it eats the battery, but you can pull back on usage easily..

The Nexus one is also `base` code wise, ie gets the updates from google as soon as released, so doesnt have to wait for HTC to update the Sense UI, or the providers to update their versions.. So if u like to be instantly updated then its ya best bet..

I personally much prefer the look/feel of the Desire :) its NOT an iPhone rip off in the slightest, as i am sorry but the iphone does nothing that other phones werent doing long before it, but it just does it with style.. :)

05-05-10, 16:26
I use the HTC Desire. its an awesome `geek` phone..

It's not a geek phone, it's a cool phone :p
Also, i read somewhere that if somebody has an iPhone, it symbolises that they try too hard too impress :vlol: