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07-05-10, 23:56

This may sound as a strange question, but its intent is very serious, you know. :)

Throughout my many years playing and working with children, I have - by accident - managed to come up with 50 different characters that I can create with my bare hands. (I often used to play muppet show with júst my hands and leave the real puppets on the ground; much to the joy of those children oddly enough - LOL)

I would very much like to put this theory to the test and see if there is anyone out there interested, bút ... I need to be able to make some kind of a drawing of sketch!

This is a problem, since I cannot draw at all (I tried with Paint - drawing hands in a specific position turns out to be much harder than I thought it'd be - hahahaha)

Is there a very cheap and fast and easy yet decent way or program to draw/animate/3D-create human hands in any which way/position that I want, please?

Many thanks for your support,

Bye for now

08-05-10, 00:00
Well.... you could try out XNALara.... It's like a posing program with the TRU models etc. You can mess with the hands a bit in that. Other than that I can't really think of anything.


08-05-10, 00:01
Okay, then... o__0

17-07-10, 17:24
Okay, then... o__0

lol :D

Hey, I don't think I'm the first who thinks of crazy idea which just might work afterwards, right? Just think of the guy who once said: "Hey, I've got this great idea. I've got 99 blue dwarfs and they all look alike but with different character flaws. And then the leader is in red."
The idea became The Smurfs and quickly expanded outside of Belgium into the world. :D
(not that I'll be thát lucky, I'm afraid) :D

17-07-10, 17:30
Okay, then... o__0

I don't remember saying this... :confused: Maybe I posted on the wrong thread? =/

Capt. Murphy
17-07-10, 17:44
Do you mean something like this? :pi:


ETA: Also, I recall the scene from the 80's (or 70's?) movie "Labyrinth" and there is a scene where there are a bunch of hand/face creatures in the wall. You might not be able to do that (no ONE person anyway), but maybe it could give you some inspiration. :o

Edit2: 'Ere we go! :jmp:


17-07-10, 20:24
That sounds really interesting! Why not just take a video via webcam? Would be easier than fiddling on with modelling programmes.