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09-05-10, 22:55
Let's clean up this forum a little! ;) Use this thread to update us on what books you are currently reading, what movie you just watched, or the song you are listening to! You don't have to answer each, and you can add whatever you can think of! I'll try to keep the first page updated with new ideas!

What are you currently -

Listening to...
Looking forward to...


Listening to Mass Effect "Galaxy Map" music!
Watching Leo play Mass Effect!
Eating nothing. :(
Wearing flannel!!!
Reading nothing... yet... Allies only 15 days away!
Playing the Force Unleashed!
Smelling a very clean house.
Thinking, "How much do you think I would have to pay Leo to planet scan for me on my next playthrough?"

09-05-10, 22:59
listening to shakira - luandry service album on repeat as a i get on with my coursework due in tomorrow :pi:

Lee croft
09-05-10, 23:00
Listening to... 8bit heart by Simon Curtis
Watching... life pass me by
Eating... nothing at this moment and time
Wearing... A blue t-shirt and tracksuit bottems
Reading... The stuff I am typing now
Playing... a song on I-tunes
Smelling... Nothing
Thinking... "Why did i do that?"

09-05-10, 23:00
I try to avoid this section really, but in favour if cleaning up the forums a little I'll play along.

Listening to - Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2
Watching - BSG The Plan
Eating - Kiwi and Lime Pie
Wearing - Jeans and a t-shirt
Reading - The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Playing - Just Cause 2
Smelling - Darjeeling tea
Thinking - Make GC a better place.

09-05-10, 23:00
Haha I'll give it a go-

Listening to- "The Names Bond... James Bond"
Waitching- Nothing now but I'll be watching the Amazing Race later unless there's a rerun of Castle (arguably my favorite show right now)
Eating- Again nothing right now, but probably subway in a bit
Wearing- A t-shirt, jeans and a sloppy grin
Reading- Archaeology magazine, contemplating buying the latest Dirk Pitt book or another Indiana Jones one.
Playing- Been playing the Halo Reach beta a lot lately, as well as Splinter Cell Conviction
Smelling- nothing right now =/
Thinking- about my planned trip to England next year, going through the places I visited as a baby so I can revisit them.

09-05-10, 23:11
Listening to...Nothing
Watching...Nothing, the forum
Wearing...back pair of shorts and a white striped t-shirt
Smelling...Hmm, don't smell a thing, this means the house is clean
Thinking...about him

09-05-10, 23:12
^ Well your life just sounds exciting! :p

Jackali - I agree, hopefully this will catch on and we can get rid of all the other "currently" threads!

09-05-10, 23:13
Listening to... The Click from Good Charlotte
Watching... My Homeworks?
Eating... Classic Lays.
Wearing... ... My underwears...?
Reading... ...This thread?
Playing... To nothing?
Smelling... My Axe?
Thinking... About the sexuality of mussels.

09-05-10, 23:14
Listening to Telephone by Lady Gaga
Watching nothing at the moment.
Eating some sort of steaks.... :pi:
Wearing short and shirt
Reading King Lear by Shakespeare
Playing Tomb Raider Underworld
Thinking about summer

09-05-10, 23:16
Listening to... Monster - Lady Gaga
Watching... Firefly... at some point tonight.
Eating... A peanut butter ice-cream sandwich! :D
Wearing... Pajamas.
Reading... Dracula by Bram Stoker
Playing... Final Fantasy VIII
Smelling... Some kind of crystals that make rooms smell better.
Thinking... About how bored I am, and that I should take a shower.

09-05-10, 23:16
^ Well your life just sounds exciting!

oh tell me about it ! :p

09-05-10, 23:30
Listening to... Kiss de Girl - Little Mermaid
Watching... computer screen?
Eating... no more food today
Wearing... stinkin' hoodie and pyjama trousers
Reading... nothing right now, finished a book yesterday though
Playing... not playing any games atm
Smelling... nothing
Thinking... about work
Smoking... pot (ok I'm kidding ;))

09-05-10, 23:33
Are there really people watching a film/show and listening to music at the same time? :pi: What's the point in that? :p

09-05-10, 23:38
There is something fundamentally wrong with this thread - at the moment we are replying to it, we're obviously not eating, watching, reading or playing anything. We're typing. :p

09-05-10, 23:38
There is something fundamentally wrong with this thread - at the moment we are replying to it, we're obviously not eating, watching, reading or playing anything. We're typing. :p

Such thoughts could make the universe implode!

lara c. fan
09-05-10, 23:39
There is something fundamentally wrong with this thread - at the moment we are replying to it, we're obviously not eating, watching, reading or playing anything. We're typing. :p

Oh, stop being pedantic....:p

09-05-10, 23:40
Such thoughts could make the universe implode!

Indeed, my friend, indeed...

*cleans up monocle*

09-05-10, 23:41
Listening to... My aunt's running shower & "Ghosts N Stuff" by Deadmau5
Watching... The computer screen
Eating... Nothing currently, but thinking of eating dinner quick here.
Wearing... Two pairs of socks, jeans, t shirt, sweat shirt and all of that other necessary stuff.
Reading... Just finished the secoond Sookie Stackhouse novel! :D
Playing... Nothing at the moment.
Smelling... The air.
Thinking... Life is crazy complicated sometimes.

09-05-10, 23:59
Listening to...

Currently... trying to do all those things at once.

10-05-10, 00:00
So what do we suggest we turn the thread into my TRFriends? :p I did add the " You don't have to answer each."

10-05-10, 00:02
Listening to: the traffic go by
Watching: Nowt
Eating: No food, but I am drinking a cup of tea.
Wearing: Like I'd tell if I was wearing my pjs! :p
Reading: Not actually at this moment, but my current read is HP and the OotP.
Playing: Nothing
Smelling: Incense
Thinking: about what I'm typing in this post

Legend 4ever
10-05-10, 00:03
Watching...Who Do You Think You Are? episode 1: Sarah Jessica Parker

10-05-10, 00:04
Listening to...the air cadiddly
Watching...the hours slip by til my final tomorrow
Wearing...grey t-shirt with guitars on it, blue jeans and flip-flops. Klassy.
Reading...an edifying TRF discussion
Playing...God of War
Thinking...how I'm gonna survive this next week O_o

I, Tomb Raider
10-05-10, 00:11
Listening to... U2
Watching... my monitor
Eating... nothing, starving as hell.
Wearing... my PJs
Reading...Murder with mirrors-Agatha Christie
Playing...TR4 :o
Thinking...~ :D

10-05-10, 00:14
Listening to: An orchestral version of the Chrono Trigger theme
Watching: I guess my montitor?
Eating: Nothing
Wearing: Clothes......
Reading: Nothing
Playing: Nothing, not in the mood :/
Smelling: Air?
Thinking: The dreadful week of school which follows after today D:

10-05-10, 00:17
Wearing...grey t-shirt with guitars on it, blue jeans and flip-flops. Klassy.

I so want that shirt. One of my favorite colors and guitars... yeehaw! :cool:

Melonie Tomb Raider
10-05-10, 00:17
Listening to: Bomberman music.
Watching: My brother play bomberman.
Eating: Nothing.
Wearing: A Casle Crashers t shirt and jeans.
Reading: Bible
Playing: FFXIII and Reach Beta
Smelling: Fresh air
Thinking: About my ambitions and goals. :)

10-05-10, 00:28
Listening to...(see watching).
Watching...Happy Tree Friends.
Wearing...Benetton T-Shirt, Zara Jeans.
Reading...History of the Modern Middle East.
Playing...nothing. :(
Smelling...Buttery Toast.
Thinking...About Finns hitting each other with pine trees after a sauna. :D

Siberian Tiger
10-05-10, 00:52
Listening to... Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
Watching... Friends Season 9
Eating... Yoghurt
Wearing... ;)
Reading... LOST and Philosophy
Playing... Final Fantasy XIII
Smelling... Good, thanks
Thinking... About how funny a night out was last Sunday

10-05-10, 02:22
Listening to... Sonic Syndicate
Watching...Army Wives
Reading... N/A
Playing... Final Fantasy 8
Thinking... >_>

10-05-10, 02:47
Hmm. :eek:


Listening: 3OH!3 (feat. Ke$ha) - My First Kiss
Watching: N/A
Eating/Drinking: Soda :p
Wearing: Boxers & Tee
Reading: N/A
Playing: N/A at the moment
Thinking: About my college class starting tomorrow!

10-05-10, 02:51
Listening to - The ambience of my room.
Watching - My life pass by [/emo]
Eating - Not yet, I am making fries though.
Wearing - A t-shirt and some camo shorts.
Reading - My own writing as I type this.
Playing - Toy Story 2 & Left 4 Dead 2
Smelling - The clear air of my house.
Thinking - About how I am going to keep myself sane for the next few hours.


10-05-10, 02:57
Eating:Just had Tuna
Playing:TDU Soon

10-05-10, 03:23
Listening: I can hear birds singing outside. :p
Watching: Nothing.
Eating: Nothing
Reading: TRF, I guess. :ton:
Playing: I haven't played a game in quite some time. :(
Wearing: A shirt and underwear.
Smelling: Does air count? :p
Thinking: Why the hell do I have a really bad headache?

10-05-10, 04:50
Listening:the steady hum of the computer
Watching:this forum
Reading:this post (also composing it)
Wearing:undies and shirt.nothing more
Smelling:sweet scent of success
Thinking:my thoughts are too disorganised to put into words right now.all I get is "static":p

10-05-10, 05:08
Listening: Heather Small - Proud (QAF Mix)
Wearing: Auscamo Army pants, Denim Jacket. The usual.
Smelling:Grass clippings from the lawn being mowed.
Thinking: "I love this song."

10-05-10, 05:09
Listening to- nothing ATM
Watching-my computer screen
Eating-I will be eating those quesos that I have leftover from Ruby Tuesday in a few minutes :pi:
Wearing-a navy blut t-shirt with light gray sweat pants
Reading-the various posts on this thread
Playing-Level Editor, Armored Core
Smelling-You can't be serious :rolleyes:
Thinking-Various thoughts

10-05-10, 05:20
Listening to...nothing :p
Watching...nothing :p
Eating...my breakfast, which contains chocolate cereals with milk.
Wearing...my pj's :D
Reading...a book about the Second World War
Playing...Rainbow Six: Raven Shield
Smelling...a clean room
Thinking...I have to wake up my sister at some point, which is the part where I get something thrown at me xD

10-05-10, 05:39
Listening to...TV
Watching...North with Bruce Willas
Eating...my patience
Wearing...A red CCCP t shirt and sexy bleak pants
Thinking.. better days

10-05-10, 06:54
Haha, great idea! :tmb:

Listening to the radio news.
Watching nothing :(
Eating a kornspitz with soft cheese.
Wearing jeans and a sweathsirt.
Reading some Uni books :hea:
Playing nothing :(
Smelling my amazing fragrance :D
Thinking: "Will I make this? Will I? WILL I?!"

larson n natla
10-05-10, 07:00
I am currently -

Listening to future love by Lady Gaga
Watching the computer screen
Just ate me breakfast
Wearing my school uniform
Reading this post
Thinking of school

10-05-10, 07:08
Listening to - F E E D E R
Watching - my life goes by
Eating - nothing
Wearing - let me guess ... aah, clothes!
Reading - what I'm typing atm
Playing - nothing
Smelling - nothing
Thinking - none of your business


10-05-10, 07:36
Listening to Lady Gaga - Blueberry Kisses
Watching - ...um, the words on the computer screen?
Eating - Nothing
Wearing - Green T-shirt with a screaming monkey on it and skinny jeans...cause I can.
Reading - The words that I'm typing
Playing - Nothing
Smelling - My perfume
Thinking - About a hot cop that I have a crush on <3 muahaha

10-05-10, 10:05
I think this is a great idea :tmb:

Listening to...Linkin Park- In pieces
Watching...TV :p
Wearing... Clothes :D
Reading...a magazine
Playing... f.e.a.r
Smelling... my socks
Thinking... about you

10-05-10, 11:34
Listening to - Lindsay Lohan - Stuck
Watching - This screen
Eating - Nothing
Wearing - School clothes
Reading - MSN conversations
Playing - Nothing
Smelling - My arm pits
Thinking - About exams

10-05-10, 12:12
Listening to... Diru music.

10-05-10, 12:40
Listening to: Black Eyed Peas - Party all the time
Watching: Umm computer screen
Eating: Cheesecake <3
Wearing: Jeans and simple t-shirt
Reading: What I'm typing
Playing: Nothing
Smelling: Cheesecake :p
Thinking: About that stupid exam

10-05-10, 12:42
At the moment I am...

Listening to the rain on the roof.
Eating applesauce.
Wearing Sher-Dub uniform.
Smelling my clean clothes.
Thinking, "Oh why can't I be a cat and sleep all day?"
Looking forward to mac and cheese tonight!

10-05-10, 12:50
Listening to...The Tv
Watching...a documentary on birds
Wearing... My gym clothes
Reading...what I'm writing
Playing... with my dog
Smelling...my dogs gross breath...ew.
Thinking...how much I wish my finacee was here
Looking forward to...seeing my fiancee this weekend in Melbourne :D

10-05-10, 12:55
Listening to... (or trying to ignore) random chatter going on in the library
Watching... Documentaries with Betanny Hughes, Doctor Who and some other stuff I can't remember.
Wearing... Jeans and a fitted red top, shoes and underwear as well.
Reading... Nothing but I'm going to buy Brethren.
Playing... Final Fantasy IX
Thinking... About how on earth I'm going to study enough for an exam coming up and get an assignment finished on time.

10-05-10, 13:01
Watching... Documentaries with Betanny Hughes, Doctor Who and some other stuff I can't remember.

Me too! :D

10-05-10, 13:04
Listening to: Rogue Traders - Watching You
Watching: Alias Season 5 (Starts of very **** but gets better. Definately the season where the show loses it's edge, better it ended there than let it go on and get progressively worse and randomly get cancelled)
Eating: Nothing
Wearing: PJs :p
Reading: Resident Evil The Umbrella Conspiracy
Playing: FFXIII
Smelling: Milk lol
Thinking: this thread takes too long to reply to :p
Looking forward to: College

10-05-10, 13:04
Listening to: "Pacific Coast Highway"-Hole
Watching: The computer screen.
Wearing: Shorts, and a t-shirt.
Reading: Not currently, but I'm planning on re-reading the last HP soon.
Thinking: Of food.
Looking forward to: The end of this school year, my trip to six flags, and my birthday.

10-05-10, 13:29
ok lets tidy up :D

Listening to... Beat Drop - Simon Curtis - I can't get enough of this album :pi:

Watching... Nothing at the moment =/

Eating... Tempted to get some chocolate ice-cream but im resisting :eek:

Wearing... Normal white t-shirt and jeans. >.>

Reading... 2 books - kind of =/ every now and then

Playing... Final Fantasy 13 :)

Smelling... Something that makes me sneeze everything I step outside

Thinking... How I can't wait to see my gf in like 2 hours :D

Looking forward to... 2 hours time :D

10-05-10, 13:37
Im currently collecting death cards on Call of Duty world at war, wearing tiger leggings with a blue rara skirt and stripy blue tank top. drinking pepsi, eating crisps, listening to the game sounds and thinking about the misson and what it must have been like in world war 2 :)

10-05-10, 15:24
Me too! :D
:tmb: :D

Am thinking whether its worth going home now or staying here and being online for a little bit.

10-05-10, 15:41
Listening to... Shakira - Hips Don't Lie / Bamboo (2006 FIFA World Cup Mix)
Watching... BBC's 'Earth'
Eating... nothing.
Wearing... Shorts and a t-shirt
Reading... a funny text from a friend.
Playing... Gonna play Assassin's Creed in a little while
Smelling... forest air I guess. I have the french doors wide open.
Thinking... wut?
Looking forward to... nothing in particular. I'm quite content at the moment.

Chocola teapot
10-05-10, 15:48
Listening to... Lady GaGa - Ribbons.
Watching... Shane Dawson Vids.
Eating... (Drinking) Tea.
Wearing... White top, Canvas trousers.
Reading... Nothing.
Playing... TR2
Smelling... The food cooking.
Thinking... Get in line and give me mine... Lol.
Looking forward to... Finishing my painting.

10-05-10, 15:50
Listening to... Britney's Telephone.
Watching... BobPants SpongeSquare! :jmp:
Eating... Nothing. Trying to diet lol.
Wearing... Shorts and A Shirt. :vlol:
Reading... This thread.
Playing... Nothing.
Smelling... Tomatoes.
Thinking... about what to reply.
Looking forward to... Dance Class Tomorrow! :yah:

10-05-10, 15:53
Listening to... Trading Yesterday- Shattered:hug:
Watching... Ashes to Ashes
Eating... Vanilla biscuits:D YUM!
Wearing... Jeans and T shirt.
Reading... Red Dragon-Thomas Harris;)
Playing... Replaying TRA 3rd time.
Smelling... Nothin'
Thinking... About my French exam on wednesday,
Looking forward to...FRIDAY!!!!!:jmp::jmp: how I wish it could be friday!:yah::yah:

10-05-10, 16:04
Watching: Friends :)
Eating: Pot Noodle (A very late lunch :D)
Wearing: A checked white, grey and pink shirt with a sweatervest and jeans. Am I cool or what :cool:
Playing: I'm about to put on The Sims 3:D
Looking forward to: my singing performance on Sunday :jmp:

10-05-10, 16:39
Eating: Chocolate Pudding
Wearing: My school uniform
Smelling: cherry tea
Thinking about my final exam tomorrow
Looking forward to: the school trip this weekend :jmp:

lara c. fan
10-05-10, 16:44
Eating: Nothing :(
Wearing: Jeans and T-shirt. Like most days. :p
Smelling: Heated air.
Playing: Half Life 2
Looking forward to: The day I get my own house.


10-05-10, 16:51
Listening to- nothing right now, I suppose the air conditioner
Watching- nothing right now, but House, Trauma, and Castle are on tonight
Eating- well I'm drinking juice right now, does that count?
Wearing- A red Beatles shirt, my Fox hat, and jeans
Thinking- About someone and also my college class
Looking Forward to- Having my graduation stuff done and over with, never having to do anything with High School again.

10-05-10, 20:38
Listening to the 40mph+ winds.
Watching the 40 mph+ winds tear my tree apart.
Eating rice crispy treat!
Wearing not pants!
Playing Mass Effect 2.
Smelling this delicious rice crispy treat!
Thinking, "I really hope that storm doesn't turn into a tornado, my camera batteries are dead."
Looking forward to ASSPARAGUSS!!!

10-05-10, 21:24
This thread reminds me of that thing you can fill in on deviantart whenever you post a journal. I feel kinda stalker-ish reading all these... :pi:

Playing: Half Life 2

Hey, me too! Currently stuck, though...

Listening to... Velvet Assassin main menu
Watching... Seinfeld
Eating... Nothing
Wearing... A T-shirt baggy enough to be a dress
Reading... Some boring psychology text book
Smelling... Air?
Thinking... I don't want to go to sleep tonight.
Looking forward to... Wednesday evening.

11-05-10, 14:43
Listening to VAST - Last One Alive
Eating cereal bar.
Wearing painting clothes.
Smelling chocolate!!!
Thinking, "ITS 511! :yah:"
Looking forward to losing some weight. :o

11-05-10, 14:51
Eating... Very little
Wearing... Very little
Thinking... Very little
Looking forward to... Very little


11-05-10, 14:54
Watching: the tv screen
Listening: Lara's screams..
Playing: Tomb Raider: Underworld (How ironic!)
Wearing: Tshirt and tracki bottoms
And ive no idea what to do for lunch!

the ancient
11-05-10, 15:33
Listening to... Milkshake- my pokémons bring all the nerds to the yard
Watching...My brother playing mario kartwii
Wearing... clothes
Reading...post on the forum
Playing... TRU wii
Smelling...euhm good I think
Thinking...who would mis me if I die ??
Looking forward to...Tomb Raider movie 3

11-05-10, 15:42
Listening to... Fires by Feeder
Smelling... Soap
Thinking... the same as before

11-05-10, 15:47
Listening to- We're an American Band
Watching- The monitor I guess
Eating- Toaster Strudel(Apple)
Wearing- my "Peace Rocks" shirt(has a bomber dropping peace signs, I find it ironic), jeans.
Thinking- about the song, wondering which country is my favourite
Looking Forward to- usual afternoon chats, playing Reach Beta (Invasion ftw)

Minty Mouth
11-05-10, 16:24
Just Finished Reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Now starting Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

I preferred the book specific thread :pi:

Kelly Craftman
11-05-10, 16:48
Listening to Pitbull - Full of ****

11-05-10, 17:36
Listening to...Jem - 24
Watching...my screen, but I'm going to see some Supernatural episodes in a few minutes :)
Eating...Biscuits :) I just realized I always eat :pi:
Wearing...pj's :o
Playing...nothing atm :(
Thinking...I love my life :)
Looking forward to...the weekend :jmp:

12-05-10, 13:48
Listening to RHCP - This Velvet Glove.
Eating cereal bar (again!)
Wearing nice Sherwin Williams uniform!
Reading the first Darth Bane book again.
Playing ME2.
Thinking, "Its harder to keep a thread alive in GC than I though!"
Looking forward to talking about the storm with co-workers today.

12-05-10, 13:55
Watching...8 Mile
Wearing...Dressing gown and Jeans.halfdressed haha
Reading...Dear John
Smelling...Hair Glue
Thinking...Driving lesson urgh
Looking forward to...LFCC 2010..the possibility of meeting Marc haha.

Nenya awakens
12-05-10, 14:03
Listening to... Lady Gaga
Watching... Supernatural season 3
Eating... Nutting
Wearing... Jeans and a hoodie
Reading... The Vampire Armand
Playing... Spyro - A Heroes Tail
Smelling... Ginger bread from my wall plugs
Thinking... I wish I was back in Somerset
Looking forward to... My boyfriend coming down for his birthday at the end of may.

12-05-10, 14:12
Listening to... nothing
Watching... nothing
Eating... Cereal
Wearing... bluejeans, oldnavy shirt
Reading... this thread
Playing... TR:AoD and RE4 when I get home tonight
Smelling... my coffee
Thinking... about how annoying my cat is
Looking forward to... talking to my significant on my lunch break

12-05-10, 14:18
Listening to...Grace Jones - Libertango
Watching...The screen of my laptop
Eating...Nothing. Just ate some pasta, though.
Wearing... A pair of comfortable shorts and T-shirt.
Smelling...I took a shower earlier, so i should smell just a hint of peach soap. lol.
Looking forward to...Ending this post.

12-05-10, 16:39
Listening ... to PDA - Interpol
Eating ... orange.
Wearing ... the same as before
Smelling ... fruits
Looking forward to .. escaping

12-05-10, 16:49
oh man! the true definition of multitasking!!

Listening to... Make a Move - Incubus
Watching... the world
Eating... just ate a bowl of mini wheats
Wearing... jeans and a shirt
Reading... still working on Kama Sutra
Playing... as in video games? Shaun White Snowboarding (Wii)
Smelling... fresh air
Thinking... that no matter how much i wanted to come on this trip to clear my mind of certain things back home - I can't help but to return to those thoughts when the day draws to an end.
Looking forward to... The day where my current thoughts are a non-issue
Last movie I watched: Paul Blart Mall Cop

12-05-10, 17:02
Listening to: Papa Roach - What Do You Do
Watching: the news on TV, before that Stargate SG-1 9.18 Arthur's mantle
Eating: A sandwich
Wearing: An Australia T-shirt and a black track suit over it
Reading: The Chronicles of Amber: The Guns of Avalon
Thinking: Which books to get from the library tomorrow
Looking forward to: Friday

12-05-10, 17:22
Looking forward to: Friday

stop that!! When Friday comes, it means my vacation is almost over :(

12-05-10, 19:20
stop that!! When Friday comes, it means my vacation is almost over :(

Actually this Friday I am off school. :p

12-05-10, 20:47
Listening to... this is who i am - lil kim
Watching... nothing
Eating... chocolate
Wearing... a jeans and a tshirt
Reading... this
Playing... nothing
Smelling... gucci by gucci
Thinking... what the f**k is wrong with you?

Lara's Nemesis
12-05-10, 20:58
Listening to...nothing
Watching...Europa Cup Final, come on Fulham!
Eating...last thing I ate was a chicken madras
Wearing... jeans, sweatshirt
Reading...Frankie Boyle's autobiography
Playing... Dragon Age Origins
Smelling...of cheap aftershave:p
Thinking...my mind is a blank
Looking forward to...going to Scottish Cup Final on Saturday:jmp:

12-05-10, 21:27
Listening to rain, thunder, hail.
Watching news channel.
Eating leftover chicken.
Wearing painting clothes.
Reading weather updates.
Smelling rain! <3
Thinking, "I sure do hope I don't get blowed away."
Looking forward to Leo getting home.

12-05-10, 21:44
Listening to Trivium <3
Watching - does watching the progress of my downloads count?
Eating chewing gum
Reading Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy
Smelling burning.... that's not so good
Thinking I've no idea how to derive the autocorrelation function of a stationary stochastic process....
Looking forward to Friday at 4 when I'll be done with my third year computer engineering exams!

12-05-10, 21:51
I was currently

Listening to-Three Days Grace-The Good Life
Reading-The Scarlet Letter
just sitting around about to play some UC2.

13-05-10, 20:25
Listening to Coldplay - Green Eyes
Drinking Mt. Dew "Distortion"
Wearing uniform.
Playing ME2.
Smelling the cat :/
Thinking, "Why did I let this cat in again?"
Looking forward to grilling! <3

13-05-10, 21:27
Thinking, "Just one and a half more pages and I'm done. This is going more quickly than I expected, but it still sucks because I'm so sleep deprived but I've got to get this essay done before midnight."

13-05-10, 21:29
You can do eet!

13-05-10, 21:32
Dun wanna! *closes TRF tab*

13-05-10, 21:34
Watching... Russell Howard's Good News
Wearing... my blue nightie! :D
Smelling... like lavender bath scents! <3
Looking forward to... my singing thing on Sunday :D:o

13-05-10, 22:02
I know it's not mean to be said like this, but I'm currently:

Listening to Bad Romance - Lady GaGa
Watching my iPod screen
Eating nothing
Wearing thin pajama-like clothes
Reading this sentence
Playing on my iPod
Smelling air
Thinking of finishing my latest Lady GaGa drawing
Looking forward to Saturday :D

16-05-10, 05:29
Trying to find someone to talk to. :/

16-05-10, 06:41
Listening to how good life is in Shanhai. So many cars are sold, license plates are sold in auctions. And how people leave this country for any other country to make a living.

16-05-10, 15:45
Listening to more rain. :/
Looking forward to finally having 2 days off next week.

18-05-10, 06:11
Listening to...Coldplay - The Scientist
Wearing...Jeans and a t-shirt
Smelling...Coffee ^.^
Thinking...I need to study for the Geography test
Looking forward to...The weekend :D

18-05-10, 14:56
Eating banana.
Wearing Star Wars PJ's.
Playing ME2, as always.
Smelling febreeze.
Thinking about spending $60.
Looking forward to going outside today!

18-05-10, 15:02
Wearing jeans and my favorite red shirt.
Playing Alan Wake & Red Dead Redemption.
Looking forward to relaxing and playing games all day!

18-05-10, 15:23
Eating candy
Drinking Pepsi
Wearing a long shirt
Watching House MD
Dreading revision
Looking forward to Friday-I'm-in-love

18-05-10, 15:29
Eating- cereal
Watching- the monitor...
Wearing- My snazzy black cargo pants and a green t-shirt
Playing- Have to start Red Dead Redemption today
Looking Forward to- Next Year

18-05-10, 15:31
Listening to... My mum blabbing on and on and on about nothing :p
Watching... some show about hospitals :pi:
Eating... Pringles (sour cream & onion :cool:)
Wearing... School uniform.
Reading... What I'm typing :p
Smelling... Sour cream and onion due to sexy pringles.
Thinking... "What swims faster... a horse or a dog?"
Looking forward to... Friday evening/Saturday :jmp:

lara croft TR
18-05-10, 15:40
Listening to... Eluveitie - Inis Mona
Watching... the monitor
Eating... french fries
Wearing... black jeans and black T-shirt
Reading... Vampire Academy
Playing... Aion
Smelling... nothing
Thinking... "I'm so bored"
Looking forward to... the day when the rain will stop :hea:

18-05-10, 16:30
Listening to... Love is the Tender Trap
Watching... House M.D.
Eating... Nothing.... :(
Wearing... Pijamas
Reading... Αυτό είναι αδύνατον! (That's impossible! - subtitles from House M.D.)
Playing... Nothing
Smelling... Burned french fries from the house across the street (lol)
Thinking... "What should I draw next?
Looking forward to... LCGoL

18-05-10, 17:20
Listening to the tractor outside. Oh how I love my farmy county. <3
Watching this page.
Eating popcorn!
Wearing something very comfortable. :D
Smelling.. POPCORN! Yum.
Thinking: "OHGAWD I am thirsty."
Looking forward to this summer. :cln:

18-05-10, 17:23
Looking forward to this summer. :cln:
Really, what's that? I have no idea. :cln:

18-05-10, 17:27
Really, what's that? I have no idea. :cln:

Well I am going to see the most beautiful, funny, amazing, sweet *adds tons of good things here* Swedish girl again. :cln: For two weeks! TWO WEEKS! *__*

18-05-10, 17:29
Well I am going to see the most beautiful, funny, amazing, sweet *adds tons of good things here* Swedish girl again. :cln: For two weeks! TWO WEEKS! *__*
<333333 Would you be happy to hear she's just as excited about this as you are? :cln: 'Cause she indeed is!

18-05-10, 17:35
<333333 Would you be happy to hear she's just as excited about this as you are? :cln: 'Cause she indeed is!

Of course I would be happy! :jmp: I am already counting the days to see her, my everything! <3

18-05-10, 18:19
Currently not doing anything besides browsing the forums
Listening to my ipod, Neneh Cherry is playing at the moment
Drinking tea
Wondering how I can expand that chapter to a decent length (preferably 2000+ words).

'Tis all :)

18-05-10, 21:06
Listening to... Grey Room - Damien Rice <3
Watching... Life On Mars
Eating... Chocolate
Wearing... PJs :p
Reading... Demonata - Darren Shan
Playing... CoD
Smelling... Air :p
Thinking... Some one should come back online on MSN quickly ¬_¬
Looking forward to... John Mayer concert :jmp:

Not all at once though :p

18-05-10, 21:15
I'm currently...

Listening to Beyonce - Save The Hero, such an emotional piece. I love it.
Watching nothing really, apart from me typing this.
Wearing nothing. I know, sorry. But what? I can't lie.
Reading, well, re-reading everything I write on here.
Playing, well about to play L4D2 on Steam, can't beat killing some zombies. <3
Smelling nothing weirdly enough, not even my beautiful artic role </3. I want to smell something now.
Thinking how awesome the world is right now, for me, atleast.
Looking forward to tomorrow. I don't have Miss Wroe as my English teacher anymore- but I find it stupid she left us 3 weeks before our GCSEs. Way to go, Miss. :p

18-05-10, 21:27
Listening to... A random selection of music from video games.
Watching... Two and a half men
Eating... Food.
Wearing... A half made little sister costume.
Reading... Northern Lights.
Playing... Bioshock and legend of zelda lttp.
Smelling... Nice! :p
Thinking... Shouldnt i be studying?
Looking forward to... No more exams!

21-05-10, 02:48
Eating-Rather chewing, on gum.
Reading-The Scarlet Letter for Literature class.
Doing-Browsing the forums.

21-05-10, 07:17
Listening to- You've Got Another Thing Coming
Smelling- a french vanilla candle
Thinking about- how depressing yesterday/today was
Looking forward to- hopefully fixing something I messed up

21-05-10, 07:32
Wearing... A half made little sister costume.

Wow! Do you cosplay or did you just make it for wearing around the house? :D

Currently: starving; too lazy to get up and make some breakfast
Listening to: Beyond Good and Evil OST
Wondering: if trying to write the script for a point&click game is too ambitious after all

21-05-10, 08:06
Listening to...Lady Gagaa
Wearing...clothes xD
Playing... Dragon Age Origins
Thinking...please can today be better than yesterday
Looking forward to...11am :D

21-05-10, 22:25
Listening to food cooking.
Eating gearing up to eat some beef stroganoff!!!
Wearing Sher-Dub uniform & flippy floppies.
Smelling guitar polish.
Thinking, "One more day, one more day..."
Looking forward to my "weekend."

05-07-10, 20:58
Getting prepared to leave for D.C. in the morning.

05-07-10, 21:01
Listening to...Rihanna Music Of Course LOL
Eating...Corn on The Cob
Playing...Tomb Raider1
Thinking...Of ****
Looking forward to...Nothing

05-07-10, 21:02
Listening to the annoying sound my PC makes..
Watching at my computer screen.
Eating nothing.
Wearing clothes (But you wanted me to say nothing?).
Reading the text I'm typing right now!
Playing nothing.
Smelling the lovely fragrance in my home.
Thinking of when I would get my PS3.
Looking forward to play Underworld on the PS3!!

Lara Fan 4Life
05-07-10, 21:07
Listening to ... Britney Spears
Watching ... My computer screen
Eating ... A Curly Wurly bar ... Nom! :D
Wearing ... Clothes! :p
Reading ... Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Playing ... Lego Harry Potter Years 1 - 4
Looking forward to ... Spain in 2 weeks time! :yah:

05-07-10, 22:00
Listening to rain and thunder.
Watching ... rain and lightning!
Wearing new SW shirt!
Smelling the new shirt smell, ahhh...
Thinking, "Huh, glad this thread is getting another chance."
Looking forward to dinner!

05-07-10, 22:08
Listening to- Right Place Wrong Time
Watching- my phone, foolishly waiting for a message that isn't coming
Wearing- black t-shirt, jeans, and a tired/worn expression
Thinking- damn my life sucks right now
Looking forward to- next summer

05-07-10, 22:13
Listening to...The movie "Gamer"
Wearing...Bra and shorts....its boiiiiling!!
Reading...What i type
Smelling...Appley kinda smell
Thinking...So glad i didn't go pics to this film
Looking forward to...Museum tommorow

05-07-10, 23:07
Listening to... With Me Final Boss Music by All Ends from Sonic & The Black Knight
Watching... my TV/PC Screen
Eating... BBQ Beef Crisps
Wearing... 1995 Manchester City Football Shirt
Reading... what I'm typing now XD
Playing... Tomb Raider 1 on the PS1
Smelling... nothing
Thinking... of what song to put on next
Looking forward to... Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 :D

05-07-10, 23:12
Listening to my PC's fan.
Watching the monitor :D
Eating nothing
Wearing PJ's
Reading Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern
Playing The Sims 3
Looking forward to going to the pool tomorrow & going out later :D

05-07-10, 23:15
Watching- my phone, foolishly waiting for a message that isn't coming

You really shouldn't do that.

Listening to...Smashing Pumpkins.
Thinking...I should probably go to bed.
Looking forward to...my new laptop arriving tomorrow.

05-07-10, 23:17
You really shouldn't do that.

I know, which is why I put my phone away :p

06-07-10, 01:40
Listening to... "Whatever you want" by Vienna Teng
Watching... Secret Life
Eating... Some M&M's and a tall glass of milk :D
Wearing... A blue dress
Reading... Shiver
Playing... Haunting Ground
Smelling... Nothing really
Thinking... I'd love to see Eclipse again, and I hate moving all the time.
Looking forward to... Going to bed :p