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14-05-10, 12:47
for those of you who don't know who Jessica Watson is, she is a 16 year old Australian Girl who 7 months ago started a sail around the world SOLO, she has faced extremely rough weathers that have nearly knocked her boat over, she has had to fix her boat engine by herself and she is now arriving home tomorrow :) I quoted this from Yahoo.com about her arrival tomorrow
It may not be all plain sailing for teenager Jessica Watson as she enters the last hours of her epic round-the-world solo voyage.

While reuniting with family, a home-cooked meal, a long shower and comfy bed may be foremost in the mind of the teenage adventurer, forecast rough seas and high winds could yet blow her plans off course.

The 16-year-old is due to pass through Sydney Heads about 11.30am (AEST) Saturday, delighting crowds estimated to number tens of thousands.

However, as Watson covers her final stretch along the NSW coast, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) forecasts winds up to 45 knots and waves up to seven metres offshore.

Those conditions are expected to peak on Saturday, BoM forecaster Satya Kishore told AAP.

"We are expecting these strong winds to ease across the coast. However, ocean winds are likely to remain strong or at gale force on Saturday," he said.

It certainly won't be the first time Watson has faced turbulent conditions during her 23,000 nautical mile (about 38,000km) odyssey, with the Sunshine Coast girl enduring regular rough times.

She battled 40-foot (12-metre) waves and multiple knockdowns during her journey, which took her northeast through the South Pacific and across the equator, south to Cape Horn at the tip of South America, across the Atlantic Ocean to South Africa, through the Indian Ocean and around southern Australia.

Her journey on the 10-metre boat Ella's Pink Lady started from Sydney on October 18 last year.

It was originally expected to take eight months with a projected return in mid-June but instead Watson is due to dock at the Opera House on Saturday morning to test out her sea legs on terra firma.

She will be greeted by her parents, a throng of media and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

For about the last 12 hours of her voyage Watson will be shadowed by her project manager Bruce Arms, aboard another vessel, who insists he will keep a great enough distance to allow her to complete her voyage unassisted.

Watson's efforts are already being heralded.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore says she is considering giving Watson a key to the city.

And in her home state, Queensland federal backbencher Peter Slipper said he would nominate her to become Young Australian of the Year.

"In these days of celebrity worship ... it's so refreshing to see a role model who's famous for all the right reasons," Mr Slipper wrote in his nomination.

"Jessica hasn't achieved glory using her looks or shock tactics - she's in the spotlight for her genuine talent, courage and enormous sense of adventure."

and it also seems she'll be facing some rough waves whilst going across the finish line.

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no-one posting? :p

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Oh no I hope she gets home safely.

How weird, a solo sail around the world. I would be terrified.

Kinda reminds me of TRO.:)

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That's inspiring :p

I'd be content being all alone in the middle of the ocean, as long as I had a cup of tea and a stack of good books.

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I can't believe it's been a year!

I remember reading the legal issues of letting a 16 yr old go on her own and the idea that *gasp* a GIRL could do it (when a boy had just done it), but it all comes down to skill and maturity.

Good for her.

here are some photos


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I would put money on the fact that there was security escorts of some kind watching her every move, it was too much of a risk to allow a young girl out there alone without protection, considering things like pirate activity.

15-05-10, 15:14
She arrived :)
now she's said she wants to sail more! but not yet
Teenage sailor Jessica Watson says she would love to do more sailing in the future, but for the moment she'll concentrate on "slightly more normal things" such as school.

"Some of the experiences I've had have definitely changed me a little," the 16-year-old told international media at a Sydney Opera House press conference on Saturday.

"If anything I've become more cheerful, more fun."

The Queenslander apologised for keeping the tens of thousands of wellwishers waiting.

She had arrived, aboard her yacht Ella's Pink Lady, at the finishing line of her epic voyage a couple of hours later than expected.

Her arrival was delayed after her mainsail was torn in 30-knot winds as she sailed for home along the NSW coast.

"But," she smiled, "I was having the most amazing sail out there".

The slight teenager appeared wobbly and was supported in every step by her parents, Julie and Roger, but she faced the press with remarkable poise.

"One thing that I've definitely learnt is that you don't judge someone by a number or what they look like," referring to earlier criticism that she was too young to embark upon such an epic venture. She celebrates her 17th birthday on May 18.

Jessica also was unfazed when asked how she felt about not making an official world record.

The youngster had aimed to take the world record for being the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, nonstop and unassisted.

Website Sail-world.com reported she had not travelled far enough into the northern hemisphere to qualify for an official world record.

"For me it was never about the record," she said on Saturday.

"I'm not worried at all."

Jessica said she had moments of doubt throughout her 23,000 nautical mile (about 38,000km) voyage, but added the support of her family and friends kept her going.

"I've definitely grown up," she said, adding she was a year older if nothing else.

Earlier, in front of the thousands gathered on the Sydney Harbour foreshore, Jessica urged others to follow her example by living out their dreams.

"I don't consider myself a hero. I'm an ordinary girl who believed in her dream," she told a large, cheering welcome-home crowd.

"You don't have to be someone special to achieve something amazing. You've just got to have a dream, believe in it and work hard."

Watson said she hoped her voyage proved what could be achieved by setting your mind to it.

"Anything really is possible."
Source (http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/7241506/jessica-wants-to-sail-more-but-not-yet/)