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17-05-10, 23:27
Hey there everyone. How is everybody? I was given an assignment last week that had to do with The Scarlet Letter, the book we are currently reading in class. As some of you may know, the book is about this woman who was committed for adultry, and because of this she had to wear the letter A on her chest for everyone in the town to see. For our assignment we needed to make our own "Scarlet Letter" about what our weakness was. So, if you had to make a scarlet letter, what would yours be and what would it stand for? Here is mine. If you are not ashamed of it, make it big and bold. :D


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How does Reliability become a Scarlett Letter? I thought you meant something a bit bad.

Um..P for procrastinating. I do it all the time, it's a bad habit.

17-05-10, 23:42
My R-for reliability is a weakness because I am not that reliable.

17-05-10, 23:46
Well, then shouldn't you use U for Unreliable?

btw: I won't be hiring you anytime soon, k? :p

17-05-10, 23:49
Lol, I do not blame you.:) I can be sometimes when it is really important like a job or something, but not any other time.

17-05-10, 23:51
H for Half-Assed-ness.

18-05-10, 02:05
^lol. Nice one. I guess another one of my letters would be....

I have a strong weakness in this. I do not get along with too many people, nor do I talk with many people either.

18-05-10, 02:14
Its gotta be for something you've done bad, not a good word to show what you aren't doing. LOL

C for comets, because apparently they have everything to do with adultery in that book. :cln:

18-05-10, 02:15
I was just referring to the rules of my class assignment. Not really by what it meant in the book.

18-05-10, 02:28
EDIT: wrong weakness. :p

S - Selfish


I - Insecurity


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I was just referring to the rules of my class assignment. Not really by what it meant in the book.

Personally I think that assignment is BS because it tells nothing of the book. The mark of "A" stands for Adultery so everytime she exposes her "bosom" and people see it they are all "OH, SHE IS AN ADULTEROR LETS NOT HAVE SEX WITH HER AND THEN OUTCAST HER LOL".

It isn't a personal weakness or anything, it is breaking the law... SINNING. A blasphemy against god was made and thus one much be punished because of it.

On the note of your assignment, I'd say to go with a U for Unreliability for the easy way out. You have failed your responsibilities and are to be outcast haha. xD

If you really want a good paper, pick a sin(10 commandments or 7 Deadly) and write about that and how it affects you and those around you. DEFINITELY tie in portions of the book to help push the paper in your favor and to make your teacher highly impressed.

BTW, I have done all this before(not the assignment but The Scarlet Letter) so I know what teachers will enjoy to see and whatnot. :ton:

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S - Short

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