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19-05-10, 23:27
Coin Collecting

Does anyone here collect coins?
Have any rare ones that are worth some money?

I first got into collecting coins when my step father was collecting the state quarters - I went for pennies just to be different. I had a nearly full book of them with the exception of some of the older ones during the war when they started getting away from copper and instead used copper plated zinc. There was a year or two (can't recall at this point) when both types were minted and although I had several from that year I didn't have both types, which prevented me from completing my collection. Now I've been collecting dollar coins, not for the possible future value of them, but because I like them. I've got several of the gold president dollars - some gold sacajawea's (or however you spell that indian woman's name) - some Susan B. Anthony's - and a couple half dollars. I usually come across these in the cash register at work and trade in my dollar bills for them.

But I would have to say the most valuable item in my collection came as a gift from my Grandmother. When she found out that I was collecting dollar coins she gave me something that truly astonished me.. an 1891 Morgan Silver Dollar! I'd have to say that it is in pretty good condition considering it is 119 years old and never been kept in protective case. In fact it was fitted with a band of sorts enabling it to be attached to a neck-chain. All the edges are well defined on it, its just lost its shine. I'm kinda hesitant to try polishing it though. Not entirely sure what it is worth having come from the Philadelphia Mint, but in reading a site about the ones from Carson City mint, a coin in worse condition than this one would be worth $125 to a collector. This one probably isnt worth that much though since it isnt as rare as the CC coins.. there were roughly 8 million circulation strikes of this specific coin in Philadelphia, whereas the CC mint only struck 1.6 million.

The coin pictured at the top of this thread is one going for about 33 dollars on eBay, and pictured below is mine. Mind you that I'm taking this image with a somewhat shoddy, flashless, cell phone camera. The results would no doubt be better if I had access to a scanner.
thanks Grandma:hug:

19-05-10, 23:31
I don't personally but this reminds me of Dear John <3

20-05-10, 00:46
My friend collects a lot of old coins. She has tons of them worth a good little fortune. :)

20-05-10, 03:16
My dad has a rather large one. He frames them around our basement

20-05-10, 05:12
I collect coins. I have Euros from all over Europe :D
And I also have old Romanian coins, from like 1920's :)

20-05-10, 05:37
i have a penny from 1880, but i cant find it.

its worth $2 :cool: (i should have gotten insurance on it :cen:)

i also have a Malaysian coin, and a few Canadian and Japanese coins.

20-05-10, 05:40
I collect foreign currency, mostly coins. I've got stuff from all over the world that one of my uncles gave me years ago, since then I've come across a few coins that I've held on to as well. We've got a bunch of euros here at home too.

20-05-10, 09:05
my older brother have some ancient coins. he said he found them on an island in the sea of marmara while he was playing on the sand when he was a kid. he still keeps them.


the figure in the first pic looks like jesus.


greek gods?

20-05-10, 09:11
Iíve got a pretty full set of the various Euro coins, but thatís it. The only thing in there that has more value than what is printed on it is a finnish 2 cent coin (the finnish do not use and no longer produce the one and two cent coins, but they were included in the so-called Euro starter kits of Finland).

20-05-10, 15:09
I've always thought coin collecting was interesting. But the hassle of collecting SO many coins puts me off. :p

20-05-10, 19:16
My dad collects coins for laundry and other things. I don't really have a coin collection myself.