View Full Version : How much could I sell my digital camera for?

20-05-10, 15:08
2 years old, barely used (I bought it as I was taking GCSE photography but didnt realise that the school would provide cameras) 10mp, lithium battery, all accessories included (except memory card), originally bought for £80, box not included.

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20-05-10, 15:15
LOL I made a thread in this section today that was meant for general chat too :vlol:

Well first of all, are your planning to sell it on ebay? If you are, you should search for your camera model and see how much they are going for. That should give you an idea of how much to sell it for.

20-05-10, 15:37
2 years? um, I don't know, maybe 30-45 dollars? im not sure :o but technology is becoming obsolete very fast these days....

20-05-10, 16:57

This is the camera, not a very well known model at all.

20-05-10, 17:07
Hm. The camera is no longer being made, it’s by a no-name brand (yeah, technically GE is anything but no-name, but they are not a big and well-known maker of digital cameras), technical specifications are pretty standard and I think it has way too many megapixels… I’ll be honest, I'd be surprised if you could sell it for £30. Nobody actually seems to sell them on Ebay, though, so I have no idea what the actual current market value is.

20-05-10, 17:09
Well the camera is old :o

Somewhere about 30-50 dollars