View Full Version : Pacman's 30th Anniversary - happy Birthday PACMAN

21-05-10, 18:15
Hi guys, today is the legendary game "Pacman"'s 30th Anniversary, so lets make it a memorable day for all gamers, for this is one of the very first games ever created & one of my favorites too! :)

Legend of Lara
21-05-10, 18:18
Oh, my. (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?p=4614245)

the ancient
21-05-10, 18:20
THERE is already one thread

In before the lock


Laras Backpack
21-05-10, 18:22
I didn't realise until earlier today when I logged onto google and saw the funky pacman design. Happy Birthday oh timeless classic! :tmb:

21-05-10, 18:55
Didn't realize it either, that's kind of cool. Happy B-day Pac Man