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Lara Croft!
24-05-10, 15:06
Microsoft has released a new utility that allows your screen to get cleaned from the inside. At first it sounded stupid, but it made sense once I tried it.

It's really useful, you can download it from the link below.

CLICK HERE (http://www.raincitystory.com/flash/screenclean.swf)

Legend of Lara
24-05-10, 15:09
OMG It really works! :D Thanks so much! :hug: :jmp:

24-05-10, 15:16
Hmm... Interesting. I'll try it out if I ever get my own computer. :p

24-05-10, 15:20
It's definitely... efficient, I'll give em that. And it scared the bejesus out of me when it popped up! ^^'

24-05-10, 15:22
OMG!! <3

Thanks Lora :D

lara c. fan
24-05-10, 15:23
I saw it two years ago, it was circling around our school :p

24-05-10, 15:27
ZOMG it's working for Macs too! <3

24-05-10, 15:38
How thick am I? I thought it was actually, you know, not gonna be that...

Kelly Craftman
24-05-10, 15:56
It made mine dirtier :(

Minty Mouth
24-05-10, 15:57
I got vomit all over mine, so kind of worked backwards.

Lara Croft!
24-05-10, 15:58
zomg it's working for macs too! <3

it made my dirtier :(


24-05-10, 16:06
I was ironical you know :)

24-05-10, 16:07
Jeez, is that dog on steroids or something??

I, Tomb Raider
24-05-10, 16:11
The best cleaning software EVER. :tmb:

Thanks for sharing. :hug:

24-05-10, 16:12
Didn't clean ****@!!!!

24-05-10, 16:13


Kelly Craftman
24-05-10, 16:14
Jeez, is that dog on steroids or something??

No its a pug, they're eyes are always like that :)

24-05-10, 16:24
Awesome! :D

Chocola teapot
24-05-10, 16:47
Now my computer has Ring-worm! :(

Aww, <3

24-05-10, 17:16
Haha my dog growled at it.

24-05-10, 17:18
Request Deletion.

24-05-10, 18:00
now the screen has spit all over it. -_-

24-05-10, 18:03
Um ... Yeah .... Thanks :D

24-05-10, 18:40
Hehe. Here's some more:

Cat 1 (http://pimpoo.com/bebo/ScreenLicker/Flash/Cats/1.swf)
Cat 2 (http://pimpoo.com/bebo/ScreenLicker/Flash/Cats/2.swf)
Cat 3 (http://pimpoo.com/bebo/ScreenLicker/Flash/Cats/3.swf)
Cat 4 (http://pimpoo.com/bebo/ScreenLicker/Flash/Cats/4.swf)

..yeah there's tons. Just change what's in the address bar.

lol. I haven't been on my bebo for years - Went back to get these for ya lol :p

24-05-10, 18:41
WTF!?! It's just a video of a Pug licking a window! :confused::(

Lara Croft!
25-05-10, 00:02
WTF!?! It's just a video of a Pug licking a window! :confused::(

Yes, this is it. It's supposed to be a joke, as everyone would be so curious as to what kind of program can clean your screen from the inside out. :D

I was ironical you know :)

Yes, I know... :)

Haha my dog growled at it.


25-05-10, 00:18
OMG! that is so ****ing cute!

i love Pugs!:D

25-05-10, 00:56
I've seen this posted several times on the forums in the past year.

25-05-10, 01:01
Not impressed.

Capt. Murphy
25-05-10, 03:07
Thank goodness for the status bar that shows the location of links. :pi:

Edit: I thought it was something bad. :vlol:

Press the F11 Key. :tmb:

Lizard of Oz
25-05-10, 03:12
ZOMG Awesome <3

That is absolutely adorable.

25-05-10, 07:22
Thank you Microsoft!:hug:

25-05-10, 11:17
Didn't you post this before Lora? Or someone did - but it never gets old, tis cute. :p

25-05-10, 11:27
Oh thanks! Now my monitor is covered with slobber on the inside! :mad:


25-05-10, 11:41
I can't believe I actually fell for it.

Lmao, epic fail.

25-05-10, 12:45
my mum sent me this one

25-05-10, 15:51
How do I get rid of the bubbles? Do they make a rinse program?:D


Lara Croft!
26-05-10, 16:05
Didn't you post this before Lora? Or someone did - but it never gets old, tis cute. :p

No, It's the first time I posted it. It also surprises me that many of you say that it had been posted again before. I must have missed it.