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28-05-10, 13:40
Guys,I know I might sound annoying but I really need to hear your ideas about my new quiz.Please submit your ideas because if no one posts any new and fresh ideas I'm afraid that I'd have to publish my new quiz with my ideas and this way I can't please everyone who completes my quizes.

28-05-10, 13:42
It might be useful to actually tell people what your quiz is and what it is about? Can you give an example?

Capt. Murphy
28-05-10, 13:49
Guys,I know I might sound annoying...

Yep. :pi:

Make it quiz about stale and moldy bread. :jmp:

28-05-10, 14:33
Well you could do quizes in the classic TR threads if that helps and we can also give you examples of your quizes so if you need help feel free to send me a VM or PM.

28-05-10, 14:49
What quiz?

28-05-10, 16:27
Oh sorry ppl,I should have posted more info.Well,I actually make quizes about the new TR games because I don't know many things about the older ones(except for the main story and the characters).

Capt. Murphy
28-05-10, 16:32
Is this going to be a topic for here? Or for a school project... or what? :pi:

28-05-10, 16:33
Just a quiz here in the forum,you can also check my older quizes.

Capt. Murphy
28-05-10, 16:39
Okay. Quiz question idea. How can many bullets are in Lara's pistols?

But it's a trick question since the bullets are actually in the magazine clips. They'll say some really high number and fail the question. :tmb:

Lara Fan 4Life
28-05-10, 16:55
I know I might sound annoying


28-05-10, 17:49
Lol,nice question.Thnx!!!