View Full Version : Some opinions on photography service I'm planning :)

28-05-10, 18:17
I was thinking of making a small photography business on Ebay. Basically, people sending me a picture, I photo edit them (crop, sharpen ect) and put them in a nice frame or canvas etc. Does this sound like a good business?

Legend of Lara
28-05-10, 18:21
Not really. Anyone could easily crop or sharpen photos at home. Hell, even I can do that. D:

28-05-10, 18:25
Unless you come up with Extremely ingenious ideas of fotomanip, no it's not.
there are programs that do those online lot of free like Photobucket

28-05-10, 18:27
Yeah, I don't think you've really got any chance of it taking off at all. Many websites offer that exact service, which is a lot quicker, cheaper and customisable. Take PhotoBox (http://www.photobox.co.uk/) for instance, they have an online photo editor to tweak and crop your photos and you can get it sent to be printed on many different forms for not a lot.

Not to sound horrible, but why would someone bother using a small ebay store when they could use a professional affordable business instead?

And if you were to do this, how exactly would you go about printing them onto canvas?