View Full Version : I'm Glad I Don't Live in London!

John Falstaff
19-10-03, 16:35
Hi Everyone,


It seems that living in London is getting dangerous!


A disaster, or disasters, waiting to happen?

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19-10-03, 16:39
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Steven B
19-10-03, 16:46
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How are you both?

Thanks for the link! ;)

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John Falstaff
19-10-03, 16:48
Hi TCTB and Steve,

I'm not quite sure it's 'me' though!

19-10-03, 16:52
Hmm... I'm glad I don't live in London now too...

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19-10-03, 16:54
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John, what do You mean?!? :confused:

19-10-03, 16:56
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19-10-03, 19:00
PLEASE! The tube is perfectly safe, I am in London most of the time and I wouldn't use anything else (well, ok, apart from the cabs!!).

19-10-03, 19:01
Those poor people...
Edit: John- Why'd you change your avatar back? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

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19-10-03, 19:25
Yeah St John, we prefer the trans-gender you! :eek:

19-10-03, 19:30
I love London and would do anything to live there.

They have everything i always wanted.

London rules.

John Falstaff
19-10-03, 19:35
Hi Steph,


I'm not sure you can say the tube is 'perfectly safe'. You can get grief, from time to time, from other passengers! But what was worrying me is the increasingly poor safety record, and the possibility of it getting worse.

I first lived in London in 1978, and IMO the service, and safety record, have been in decline. Bad things have happened before, but there seems to be no serious effort to avoid them in the future!

19-10-03, 19:47
I dont like London, but thats probably because im a Northern Lad :cool: