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30-05-10, 02:25

Ah, video game movies. They have such a nack to be horrible abominations that have absolutely nothing to do with the original game and always always so **** poor.

Fortunetley, this movie is not one of those movies. Disney seems to have done the impossible: make a decent movie based off of a video game.

Back when I saw the first picture of Jake Gyllynhall dressed up as the prince I thought he looked rather goofy...but, as more information about the movie came out, I gradually gained faith that this would at least be decent. I'm glad I was right about this.

One of the first things they did right was that they got the guy who created the original Prince of Persia series to write the story. Second, they gave the story a major overhaul while keeping all the major plot elements of the game "Sands of Time". (Which I know personally having played it myself.) The game after all was a lot of running through a giant castle for 3 days straight so I'm glad they were able to adjust it to work better as a movie.

The story was very solid. Everything had a reason and a purpose for happening. The action scenes, while sometimes drawn out, all happened for a reason, rather then just being gratuitous.

The movie is right on par with the original "Pirates of the Caribbean" in terms of how good it was. Like with "Pirates" they were able to take something that didn't have much to it (in that case a ride, and in this case a video game with just the basics of a plot) and turn it into a compelling story.

Jake actually does well as the Prince, capturing the dashing yet roguish charm of the prince as he appeared in the first game of the Sands of Time trilogy. Everyone else also does a pretty good job with their characters, none of them seem half-assed or anything. Alfred Molina's character is funny without being a complete cliched comic relief character as well.

I only really have a few minor complaints: There's a scene where the camera is looking up to the Prince on Horseback and for a second the sun completely covers the screen in white while he's still talking, which is weird. Also, I kinda wish they'd included the funny little quirk that the prince had in the game where he'd start randomly talking to himself and making amusing insights into the situation. Also, I really wish they'd at least gotten the prince to wear his blue outfit from "Sands of Time" instead of using the "Warrior Within" garb.

8.7/10, a good watch.

Legend of Lara
30-05-10, 02:27
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