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30-05-10, 17:15
Fans united ! Help me !
My best friend is doing an important contest to get a important job in the fashion industry. She needs vote, the contest end tonight and she's 30 votes behind. If she stays in the top 10 she gets the interviews

It's Émilie Fournier ! Watch her video here : [URL removed due to T&C 5.1]

1- Click on the voting boutons (she's on page 4)
2- Enter your email
3- Confirm you vote by email

30 people only ! We can do this ! Can we help me ? Pleeeaasse !


Here's her video : ZoLcDOaX4Ww&feature=player_embedded

30-05-10, 17:19
Voted. :)

30-05-10, 17:21
Voted. :)

Woooo thank you so much ! I really thought this thread would be filled up with negative comments ! Don't forget to confirm it on your email before tomorrow. We can do this !

1 email adress = 1 vote !


Lara Fan 4Life
30-05-10, 17:22
Voted, just finished confirming it with my email! :hug:

30-05-10, 17:23
I already confirmed it honey. :hug: :) Good luck to your friend! Try and ask people to vote for your friend in the chat thread :D and send the them the link. :)

30-05-10, 17:24
Voted! :D

Good luck! :D

God Horus
30-05-10, 17:25
I voted for her! I wish her luck :)

Kelly Craftman
30-05-10, 17:26
Voting. Best of luck to her.

30-05-10, 17:32

Moi aussi!

Bon Chance!

30-05-10, 17:44
You guys are the greatest ! See, if she get the interview she'll win for sure ! Just look at the competition... FAIL ! And my friend is already working in the media and fashion so she'll get it !

Thanks ! :jmp:

30-05-10, 18:06
Voted - at least I hope I did it right with everything in French :o. Good luck!

30-05-10, 18:11
Voted :)

30-05-10, 18:37
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