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tlr online
18-10-04, 23:03
Every year, fall brings a wash of color to the northern states. In this true-color Terra MODIS image from October 10, 2004, the foliage around Lake Michigan and Lake Superior has turned golden brown and orange. The underlying image, acquired by the Aqua MODIS instrument on October 6, 2004, shows the same scene before the foliage changed. The change is most noticeable along Superior's southern shore, though throughout the scene the green has deepened in color.

Meanwhile, a small swirl of pale blue color snakes through the waters of southern Lake Michigan. This swirl is likely formed of calcium carbonate drifting up from the lake's limestone bed. These swirls are more pronounced in warmer weather, when they form what is called a whiting event.

Temperatures in the region have just begin their annual descent, and eventually will fall low enough that ice will start to form on the surface of the lakes. Temperatures will be coldest throught January, February, and March, and the ice will be thickest toward the end of those months.



wild thing
19-10-04, 14:10
Yes October is a very pretty month. The leaves are various colors... I wish it didn't have to end. :(



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19-10-04, 18:44
i absolutely LOVE the fall season. maybe not so much the coolness of the weather, but i love the folliage. New Englands the place to be if you want to see some amazing fall colors!