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21-01-04, 23:13
All the walkthroughs that I read tell me to "swim across the river, avoid the fishes and pull the switch to open the door under the water". I tried this several times, for almost 2 hours, but I still don't get it. I pull the switch, jumps into the water, and swim to the end of the river, but the door is shut tight. Which door is it referring to and is there a cheat to help me skip the level?

21-01-04, 23:16
I mean the level "Temple Ruins", after you climb out of the passage you open at the beginning.

21-01-04, 23:25
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The switch is at the end of the right pebbled ledge. The gate is not at the end of the river. It's between the two pebbled ledges.

You are refering to the river with the island in the middle, right??

21-01-04, 23:30
Yes, I'm refering to the river with the island in the middle.

So the switch does not open the big ivy gate at the end of the river, but one on the side of the river, right? I gotta try it.

21-01-04, 23:32
Exactly!! Between those two ledges. Follow the underwater tunnel to reach a mud slide area.

21-01-04, 23:35
Thanks, Elen!

21-01-04, 23:37
Your welcome. Post back if you still have a problem and we'll provide a screen shot http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif