View Full Version : Tomb Raider Mac!

08-06-10, 05:13
So anyway, I really want to play tomb raider on my g3 imac,
BUT ebay is a tad too expensive.
Amazon would be perfect, but almost nothing will ship to australia!
Is there a way to tell what will and wont ship on amazon?

Or can anyone direct me to a website where I can buy tomb raider (1-5) for mac online?
Would it be avaliable through download sites where you buy the game and install it to your hard drive?

Thanks for your help!

08-06-10, 05:25
Not a technical issue. Moving to appropriate section...

08-06-10, 09:43
I bought my Mac copies from the Apple store, not online, the actual computer store I mean

08-06-10, 22:46
I have the demos, and ive ripped the level files from my windows version disks, and they load them levels ;-)
Not the best way, it doesent work properly, but it should be ok in the meantime

09-06-10, 06:34
^ Actually that is not completely legal. Not horrible though as you haven't recompiled anything... yet :p But still not kosher :whi: