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10-06-10, 07:41
Not completely sure where to post this, but since I'd love to get some friends playing Heroes of Three Kingdoms (the spiffed up international version of Red Cliff/Chibi which goes into closed beta this fall) with me, I'll do my best. Since it's made by the developers of Perfect World, I'll probably end up comparing the two quite a bit.

For starters, the interface is much more simplified than Perfect World-- it feels a bit like going from a PC to a Mac. You only have one visible skillbar, though I think you can add another somehow.

You right click on NPCs and items you want to pick up, and you left click to select an enemy to fight. Double clicking on the enemy won't attack, though-- you have to push a skill for some reason.

Quests and such are similar to PW. Talk to an NPC, kill 10 monkeys, run back, level up. Oh, you have to manually level up (by pushing a button on the character screen that says 'level up') which is slightly weird, given you can't arrange your stats or anything. ;)

The server (Malaysia) is kind of deserted, I feel like. I had a hard time understanding exactly what was going on with the server. There's only one server, but there's multiple channels within the server. I guess like Runescape? It's very different from PW in that regard. I didn't see a single person in the starting area (I'm fast closing in on level 7 and have yet to see anyone even talk in world chat).

The music is the same lovely Chinese style we had in Perfect World, although the soundtrack is mostly if not completely new. You also get temporary fashion to try out for a week when you first joined, but I wasn't really impressed. I see utterly no point in spending money in this game (which is probably good).

-It's free! Totally free unless you buy stuff from the mall, which has pretty much nothing!

-The NPC navigation system is superb. Unlike PW, where I frequently get stuck running against trees and rocks, the navigating to NPCs is very smooth and intelligent.

-has more crafting/professions than PW (you can cook!!! :D)

-Beautiful Chinese scenery. (See screenshots below) I'm a sucker for games based in China. I adore(d) Silkroad Online, but it was just made of too much fail to stick with.

-Controls are generally intuitive after the first ten minutes, at least for me (veteran PW player).

-Massive array of weapons/classes to choose from (around 18). Eventually we will have the option to play as a seductress-type character who fights with fans. I cannot freaking wait. :D Right now I have a single war fan.

-Historical events/gameplay, from the much romanticised Three Kingdoms period. If you want to hack and slash you can, but there's a lot of story and roleplaying potential, if you're into that (which I totally am).

-The movements are very realistic. When my character sits down, you can see the awkwardness of the shifting and she puts her hand out to steady herself. It's pretty incredible, actually.

-No autograb-- you have to right click the bag, then click 'pick all'. :cen:

-Very limited customisation, even with real-money fashion (there's 2-3 female outfits total in the mall). There's 7 or 8 preset hairstyles and faces and three preset bodies. Kind of a letdown after PWI, but I understand why they did it.

-This is totally due to it being on the crappy Malaysia server, but some of the dialogue boxes are in Chinese. It's not enough to mess up the game or even confuse me, but it does seem slightly half-baked. (will be fixed by HoTK, I'm 99% sure)

-Lack of expressive action sets. It's not a huge deal, and it may be added in HoTK, but I was a bit sad. I primarily use MMOs to RP (creative writing), so if I can't take expressive pictures in a beautiful game that's a little sad. Still, the graphics are pretty and they may fix a lot of the things I'm complaining about (definitely will have more fashion later).

Overall: I would give it a solid 7/10, with an 8/10 accounting for things that I know will be fixed in the next few months (like the Chinese writing and lack of fashion and the fact that I can't use my bloody fans already). I know that this is the rough version, so I'm very much looking forward to the more polished Heroes of Three Kingdoms in August!

My username is Xiaowen, should you decide to join the Malaysia server. Details can be found at cubizone.com or hotk.perfectworld.com.

In closing, have some screenshots (taken on medium graphics settings):



Minty Mouth
10-06-10, 08:12
Those graphics really are beautiful for an F2P MMO!

I have a very important question: Can you make a character with Chakrams/Wind & Fire Wheels/whatever the are officially called? Or do you see this a possible feature in the future? I would LOVE those!

10-06-10, 08:30
Those graphics really are beautiful for an F2P MMO!

I have a very important question: Can you make a character with Chakrams/Wind & Fire Wheels/whatever the are officially called? Or do you see this a possible feature in the future? I would LOVE those!

erm, I don't know what that is. XD What do they do? or look like?

ALSO, I lied. I found the expressive emoticons set. :D It jumped up to way closer to like a 9/10 now that I figured out how to blow kisses (what can I say? my character is a part-time hooker in-character) and cook. ^_^

Oh, also, the controls-- when walking using qweasd, it turns like with flight on PW. Definitely a bonus. I love this game so freaking much, even though it's still on Malaysia.

Combat is a little tricky compared to PW, but it's not terrible and I'm quickly getting the hang of it. I miss being able to fight with pets and fly, though.

Minty Mouth
10-06-10, 08:34
You can get them, I did a little research! They're called ring blades in the game! That increased my interest ten-fold!

10-06-10, 08:44
No, that's actually a different weapon. Unless you mean the Chakram things. :p Isn't that amazing though? So many options. They just said that Charmer fans were not available yet. Aw. Oh well.

The questing system is very well done, btw. It auto-tracks them for you and guides you to your mob/NPC with a click of the name. It just feels so much more intuitive than PW. It's like how I envision using a Mac would feel, if you could almost completely figure out what you were doing in 10 minutes on one, lol.

AND I FOUND AUTOGRAB!!! It's hiding with the expressive actions. :D

And have a couple of night screenshots:


(yes, those are fireflies, and yes, they move around and flicker in the game)


(There were fireflies there but they didn't show up for some reason. Oh well).

This game is solidly a 9/10 for me now. When they give me my charmer fans, it will be definitively better than PW.

Minty Mouth
10-06-10, 08:48
Yes, I was talking about the Chakrams


Sun Shang Xiang started my love affair with the enlarged and mutated things that aren't actually chakrams, but I love the word and that's what they are refererd to in the Warrors games. :p