View Full Version : The Best WebHost In The World.......possibly

19-10-04, 12:35
Well, you don't get this degree of honest service everywhere do you??!

WebHost! (http://www.deadhost.net/)

19-10-04, 12:39
Deadhost seems to be... well... dead http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

19-10-04, 12:52
I've just signed upi to the Hamster Power Package!

Wow...look at this!

35 grams hamster food
Unlimited raisins
Daily water bowl fill-ups
300% slower than the Security Compromise Basic package so your hamster can keep up
Free unlimited website suspension/termination and legal action
Free unlimited access to other members' credit card details
Free publication of your personal details in ALL industry publications
Free addition to over 10.5 million spam lists
Server powered by revolutionary eco-friendly renewable hamster technology


19-10-04, 13:08
I signed up for the 'Unprofessional' package but it said my data was lost, and they couldn't complete my entry :confused: What a shame, I would be so happy to pay $200,000 for those wonderful tech specs..