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20-06-10, 18:05
YESSSSS!! He back the man with the balls of steel returns to Xbox 360 consoles June 23rd for a XBLA port of the 2D sidescroller epicness what is Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, I've always wanted to play this game from watching the videos on youtube from the PC version but my PC really **** to play video games so I sit it out and wait.....and wait.....and wait abit longer for it to be re-released in some form on a console, we will most likely hear one liners from the man himself (the same guy who VA'd Big The Cat XDDDD) which you could most likely hear on youtube but meh oh yeah did I mention there was a Trailer ? no well here it is XD
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kox5J6oATJ4 (ermm how to you get videos working on here so used to Sonic Stadium forums than here :P)
Oh yeah time to kick ass and chew bubblegum =D *super hype mode on XD*

Achievements list from Xbox360Achievements.com for you Achievements whores.
Deworming the Big Apple 20G
Finish Rooftop Rebellion

Confucius Say Die 20G
Finish Chinatown Chiller

Max Pain on the A-Train 20G
Finish Metro Mayhem

I Love the Smell of Sewer Scum 20G
Finish Unholy Underworld

Worker Safety, Last 20G
Finish Fearsome Factory

This Ain't the Love Boat 20G
Finish Tanker Trouble

Going Down Faster Than Enron 20G
Finish Deviant Drilling

Space, the Final Frontier 20G
Finish Orbital Oblivion

My Boots Are Made For Stompin' 10G
Stomp on 20 enemies.

Pig Out 10G
Kill 75 enemies.

Glow Like Dr. Manhattan 10G
Collect 120 Nuke symbols.

New York Minute 10G
Finish the first level in under 3 minutes.

Easy 200G there =D

It will set you back 800MSP and will be released on the Wednesday 23rd June =D

20-06-10, 18:48
How unexpected! Can't say that I'll be buying it, but I might. Never did play this one.

21-06-10, 01:07
I for one will definitely get this being a huge Duke fan :D