View Full Version : NiGHTS into Dreams 15 anniversary

20-06-10, 22:16
So Admins and NiGHTS Fans (dur no way) DiGi Valentine and TRiPPY over at www.nightsintodreams.com started yet another campaign for the beloved purple jester. (if you didn't know what the first one was it was to get NiGHTS into Sonic & Sega All Star Racing and it was very successful)

Basically, they want SEGA to port the original NiGHTS to current generation consoles by the original game's 15th anniversary next year. You can read more about it here:


All it takes to take part is to click a little button. If you ever played the original NiGHTS, you'll know how much this game deserves a revival. And if you haven't, well, you may just be able to get that chance.

22-06-10, 15:08
Come on folks some of you on here must be NiGHTS or Sega fans aswell please help us get NiGHTS into Dreams port happen for NiGHTS 15th anniversary next year for the 5th July 2011 =)

Sir Croft
22-06-10, 18:36
Sorry, man, I guess there aren't many NiGHTS fans here. :(

Zelda master
22-06-10, 18:40
15 years already... Man time sure does fly by, I loved the original and the Wii version also (even if it was less nice):)

Lara's home
22-06-10, 18:43
Haven't played it, so I am indifferent. Got nothing to lose, though, so I voted.

22-06-10, 19:12
NiGHTS, wasn't that the purple thing that had it's own game on Saturn and Wii, and also showed up in Sonic Adventure. Anyway I've always wanted to play that game, is it any good?

23-06-10, 11:26
hey its the girl off sonic games! XD

23-06-10, 13:17
hey its the girl off sonic games! XD
NiGHTS is not from Sonic, NiGHTS is made by the same team (Sonic Team) back in 1996 game called NiGHTS into Dreams but makes cameo appearances in Sonic games (just SA1,SA2 & Sonic Pinball Party) or other Sonic Team than just Sonic games and NiGHTS is not a Girl nor is NiGHTS a boy.