View Full Version : The General Nancy Drew Games Thread

25-06-10, 00:56
Any Nancy Drew fans here :D?
With 21 games, 1 just being released and another one in production there must be someone who plays them :)
They are point and click adventure games, where you play as Nancy to uncover a different mistery in every game.

25-06-10, 04:56
AH, another ND fan! :D

Played them all except for Stay Tuned For Danger (#2) and The Final Scene (#5). Just can't get hold of a decent copy! :D

Eagerly anticipating the release of Trail of the Twister. Have to wait HER Interactive to open the floodgate for the download version. It would take MONTHS if I pre-order the box set. Hopefully worth it! :)

25-06-10, 11:32
^ I've played the Demo of Trail of The Twist and it's realy fun (like all of the games) :D
What's your favorite game BTW :o