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29-06-10, 20:37
Does anybody know of or have the Kill Bill video game? I found this online and was wondering if they actually released a game, or just a demo. I cant find anything about it. And, if it was just a demo that was released, what platform was it released on?

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29-06-10, 20:40
The actual game was never released. It was cancelled a month or so after the demo was created - the game demo was also never released. It's a real shame, since I would have loved a Kill Bill video game.

Legend of Lara
29-06-10, 20:42
The voices! :vlol:


29-06-10, 20:42
I never knew about this :(

29-06-10, 20:46
I knew about the game, but never saw that video so thanks for that. It's a shame the game was never finished, I remember how badly I wanted this game to happen.

29-06-10, 20:47
Despite the "DAGH! AHHH!!!!"

It looked like it could've been something great :/
Well, at least we have the movies :cool:

29-06-10, 20:54
:( That sucks, I kinda got excited after I saw this video :p

30-06-10, 01:47
Wouldve been gun if this game had been completed.

30-06-10, 02:03
I read about the game awhile back and was really sad that it was unreleased because I love Kill Bill and I would've bought it in a heart beat.

I guess Wet makes up for it? :p

30-06-10, 02:54
How dare you say that WET makes up for Kill Bill :ohn:
I'm appalled!

30-06-10, 02:55
I remember being so excited for the game (mmm Gogo boss) and was upset when it got cancelled. Never seen the demo before, pretty cool. Wonder where they could've gone with it.

30-06-10, 02:56
How dare you say that WET makes up for Kill Bill :ohn:
I'm appalled!

It was sarcasm! :ton:

But in a way, Wet is very similar to Kill Bill if you think about it. :whi:

30-06-10, 03:05
WET fails at what ever Kill Bill accomplished :p

IMO (I had to add that in )

30-06-10, 03:08
Looks like the Matrix game's engine. :P

I'd love to play. :3

30-06-10, 03:10
I can't see any similarities between the engine in the game and that of the Enter the Matrix or Path of Neo games.

30-06-10, 03:25
That looked fun, other than the same screaming all over the video, and the same moves the WHOLE time. it was just a demo :\

30-06-10, 05:51

that sucks. I would of loved it prolly

30-06-10, 06:00
Wet was stylized after the kill bill, tarentino feel, so they will obviously have similarities. :p

30-06-10, 14:41
Looks interesting but the animations are very limited, she does the same moves over and over....

Love the movies anyways! :D

the ancient
30-06-10, 14:53
that game would be so amezing :D

cyber Gogo <3

30-06-10, 15:57
i thought it looked **** :(

30-06-10, 16:20
Unreleased video games based on movies remind me of political figures who never got the chance to run their countries.

For instance, a released film license is akin to Barack Obama: people looked forward to him becoming the President of the United States, yet crapped all over him once he got into power. As for film licenses, people look forward to them being released, but also crap all over them once they are.

If we were to compare the Kill Bill video game to a political figure, it would have to be Che Guevara. He never got into power, but people tend to think fondly of him. As shown in this thread, people are upset that this Kill Bill video game was never released. However, if Che Guevara had gotten into power, and if the Kill Bill game had been released, what are the chances that they both wouldn't have messed things up? (And also, you have to wonder, why did they can a video game of the popular Kill Bill movies in the first place? I doubt it was because it wouldn't have sold well.)

When you think about it, if the likes of the video games for Avatar, Iron Man and *gasp* E.T. had not been released, would people actually think fondly of them?

30-06-10, 20:13
The voices! :vlol:



01-07-10, 20:04
I dont really think they'd be able to make a full game based on the movie anyways. I mean, the only real action scenes are the very beginning and the very end. And even if they based the game on both movies, the only fight in volume 2 is with Elle...

01-07-10, 22:21
They probably would have butchered the killing Bill scene and made it into and epic boss battle.

02-07-10, 03:29
Kill Bill is a videogame, put on the big screen

02-07-10, 04:25
It looks glitchy, so who knows what it would have looked like in a finished version.

I really enjoyed the movies and to be honest, I would have not liked to see another movie to videogame failure again - especially with such a good movie.

But like I said, who knows what it could have been.

02-07-10, 08:56
They should do LEGO Kill Bill :pi:... And LEGO Aliens lol