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Laras shadow
02-07-10, 14:09
Yes dear people it is finally here! the patch is coming out in a few months for the xbox 360!

Although patch details have not been released, the patch should fix the “No Job Too Big” achievement and the “Payday!” achievement. Unfortunately, judging by the posts on the Atari forums, there are other bugs that may or may not be addressed by this patch, and who knows when PS3 owners will get their fix (besides the resolution-fixing one)? There is also apparently downloadable content that was promised on the back of the game boxes that has not been released, even a year after the game’s release…


the bug's where the numerous glitches including the last two most wanted ghosts on multiplayer can not appear making the last two achievements un obtainable, also ghost's get trapped in walls and create a wierd beam of light, or sometimes players will experience the sound dissapearing from the game or the game completly freezing. My personal favourite kept on happening to me which is your character can not stop spinning around :L.
Also on a not so bad note there is several levels which are glitched which allow boosting to happen, however it is unsure as to whether the patch will resolve this for example on survival on teh rooftops when Stay Puft arrives and you have to kill his marshmallow minions if you just shoot them and not him you can keep this going on for hours.....don't get any idea's now.... :L

02-07-10, 14:23
and the PS3?

02-07-10, 14:47
I don't have the game, but... What the hell took them so long?! :eek:

02-07-10, 16:50
What bugs might I ask? I never saw any bugs?

And, yeah, give us some DLC like you promised, Atari!

Laras shadow
04-07-10, 23:41
updated with bugs :P