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03-07-10, 07:39
I've been wondering if anyone has an update with what's been going on lately? Curious to see if they got another dev house or something.

03-07-10, 08:44
I would advise just continuing the discussion in the old thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=168219). Most of the people involved in making the Tomb Raider games left Core before it even became Rebellion, then a lot left shortly after. Of the handful remaining who had anything to do with Tomb Raider and still worked at Rebellion when we got news they were closing the Derby branch only Darren Price, Jamie Morton, Paul Field and Oli Clarke-Smith seem to still work for Rebellion. I cannot seem to find any info on Jeremy Oldreive.

David Reading went to Codemasters in April, and John Lilley went to Slightly Mad Studios in May. Of the remaining people who mainly started at Rebellion around 2007 some have left and found jobs else where, some still work for Rebellion. Some seem to be out of work since April, but then there are a lot of former game developers out of work I would see no reason why this group would be of more interest than any other. Free Running, Shell Shock 2 and Rogue Warrior were hardly games that set the gaming world alight with enthusiasm, but I suppose they do also have their fans.

03-07-10, 09:10
I would suppose they do.

Well at least I know some of the whereabouts from a few good ones now. ;)

03-07-10, 09:39
Seem to have forgotten Andy Sandham who went to Stainless Games and John Lilley who went to Slightly Mad Studios in May. David Ward was QA Manager at Core Design when they were making the Tomb Raider games, he left in 2003 few years later turned up at Circle Studios as a designer and then ended up at Rebellion and seems to have worked at the Derby branch, he is still working for Rebellion it seems. Peter Barnard went to EA in March 2010.

And if anyone can find a resume, any art, or any info at all on what Daryl Clewlow (http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/daryl-clewlow/3/739/b75) was working on for his first year at Core Design (He started in 2002) I would really like to see it. I am finding it real hard to believe he never worked on something Tomb Raider related, even if it was never released.

Edit - Oli Clark Smith has not been updating his linkedin info, he is over at EA working on a Harry Potter game (http://www.chopemon.com/credits) started in March.

03-07-10, 20:21
Deryl was lead artist for Shellshock 2 and art manager for Rouge Warrior. Other then that I'm not finding much of anything under his profile.

04-07-10, 01:49
Deryl was lead artist for Shellshock 2 and art manager for Rouge Warrior. Other then that I'm not finding much of anything under his profile.

Well Daryl Clewlow went to Blitz Games Studios in May, but since he started at Core in 2002 and yet never appeared on the credits of a game till Rebellions Shellshock 2 (which was started when they were still Core Design) there just seems to be a large unexplained gap. He never worked on Herdy Gerdy, AOD, Smart Bomb or Free Running. Being a concept artist he would have been presumably working on developing new IP, some of which in his first year at Core could have been Tomb Raider related. Unfortunately I cannot seem to dig up a website.

Edit - Finally found something to make hunting for ex Rebellion guys worthwhile, will post it in the TRAE thread later. :)


04-07-10, 06:22
That's a very good find you got there, nice one!

04-07-10, 20:55
Why didn't Rebellion sell the studio instead of close it?

da tomb raider!
04-07-10, 21:32
It's a shame that they're scattered all over the place now, but still, it's certainly good to see that a lot of former Core Design employees have jobs elsewhere now. Nice work digging up information on them, you two. :D

Why didn't Rebellion sell the studio instead of close it?

I don't suppose anybody would have wanted to buy them. Every studio related to Core Design had a long string of failures after AOD, sadly, and the Rebellion Derby studio is no exception. I doubt anybody would be interested in buying out the studio behind Shellshock 2 and Rogue Warrior, both of which were abysmal failures.

05-07-10, 10:05
That did seem to be the case, no buyers, and the lease was up as well.