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03-07-10, 12:54
I think this should fit here appropriately, it is just so damn cute! :D


I didn't want to make any kind of parody. I wanted this one to actually make sense and tell the story why Yoshi is in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Basically, it's Yoshi writing Mario a letter, reminding him that he raised him who he is today and shouldn't have forgotten him in the first Mario Galaxy. Mario then writes a letter back, telling Yoshi he indeed is awesome - winning Yoshi's heart and giving the green light to join on his next Galaxy adventure.

This video is for any Nintendo fan -- because only a Nintendo fanatic could make such a video. :D

03-07-10, 12:58
Omfg, that was amazing! So cute. :D

I want a MP3 of it! :p

Legend of Lara
03-07-10, 13:09

He made the song semi-bearable! :yik:

03-07-10, 13:29
bearable! :yik:
teddy :pi:

that plush is adorable :cln: