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06-07-10, 21:19
Okay, I brought a PSP Go a couple of hours ago for 179.99 at gamestation and was playing around with it and thought to write a review of it on the forums. I will not split the review into sections. Here it is:

The PSP Go was released on the 1st October 2009 to the NA and EU and an exact month later in Japan. The console was in tough competition with it's fellow PSP predecessors due to the lack of UMD drive and also that the price was sky high (250 A-R), making it a hard sell, also, the control layout was awkward. Most gamers returned the console back to the shops, making the console a popular one to pre-own.

But, ignoring the negative reception, I went out and bought one on my Birthday and was excited to recieve one. A point I must point out is that it is 16% lighter and 35% smaller than the PSP-3000 and the results really show when you hold it, weighing a surprising 158 grams. The PSP Go also has the ability to slide up and slide down, which I found rather helpful, as you could just slide it down, slip it in your pocket and off you go. Another thing that I thought was a + is that the Go has Bluetooth, so you could link it up with mobile phones with Bluetooth support and even connect it to your SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 and use that as a alternative controller. I've also forgot to mention that the Go has a bulit-in 16GB internal memory, which I was blew away by. You wouldn't expect a console of 158 grams weight and small area to have a built-in memory of 16GB and you can even add another 16GB with a Memory Stick Micro (M2). Also, you have the new option to pause any game you're playing and return to the UMD where you can go do something else while your game is on pause, then you can resume it from the last point you was at, without having to quit the actual game to do something else. The Go shares many similarities with the 3000, and so I could say that Sony wanted to take "gaming on the go" to a new level, e.g, like I said, making the console more compact so you can just slip it in your pocket, buliding in a massive amount of memory so you wouldn't have to carry them on several MSDs and making the console smaller and lighter than the others, so it's easy to whip out anywhere and start playing.

However, they are some negative points I have to make. First of, the absence of UMDs is quite dissapointing (I think most people would agree with me on this) since I have quite a few UMDs I play a LOT, like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy I, II. Unfortunately, those games aren't on the store so I can't play them. Another negative point is that, I think, Sony have taken the "Battery Information" item out of the UMD, so how are we supposed to know when our battery is getting low and when we have to recharge, just a minor point there. I think that's all for my negative points, I could say that the price is sky-high but I got it pretty cheap. :D

Overall, I don't think I regret buying the PSP Go, it's slick, has handy new features, you can whip it out on the Go and I think that Sony have gone a step up for "gaming-on-the-go". This defintely isn't a bad product, but the absence of the UMD Drive just slightly shook me, but I sure my 200+ PSN downloads will keep me busy for sometime!

Coming to a rating, I would rate the PSP Go, 9/10, you guys will probably disagree saying my rating is too high, but, hey, I liked the Go! :D

By TombOfRaiders

lara c. fan
06-07-10, 21:30
With 64gb SD cards, 16gb of memory isn't too much of a stretch to fit in :p

I agree with the control lay-out, it's a complete nightmare.

One thing I do have though is the portable-ness of it. The PSP-3000 wasn't anything heavy at all, so 16% wiped off the weight really isn't the most impressive in the world.

And the lack of a UMD drive is disappointing, but they were obviously only marketing this to people with broadband connections and the download limits to take it in.

06-07-10, 21:31
I still don't want one. I'm happy with my PSP-3000.

06-07-10, 21:32
I still don't want one. I'm happy with my PSP-3000.

Yeah, I still kept my 3000, just for the UMDs just in-case a game I really love gets released on UMD only.

Legend of Lara
06-07-10, 21:47
I'd rather eat my DS than buy a Go. It seems like a colossal waste.

07-07-10, 12:33
I also found that the games download much quicker, or is that just me?

07-07-10, 13:05
They are probably a compressed download, and just like Nate said, i'm gonna stick with my 3000 because it can do what the go can, and more. (that more being that it can run umd's)

08-07-10, 13:21
A piece of **** like the Go uses 802.11b wifi... In other words a piece of technology which came out last year, it's wi-fi was released in 1999( psp doesn't have a bulit in 802.11g wifi)