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06-07-10, 21:37
Hey, folks... and UT players especially, if you have an ability to use 24/7 dedicated UT2004 server, what type of game would you prefer it to be locked on (if no type/map voting is available and the server is mostly unattended)?

The options follow :) Please try to limit to 3 votes.

07-07-10, 00:05
Unfortunately I haven't played UT2004, UT3 doesn't have half the game modes apparently. So I would probably choose based on what I have experienced....

Vehicle CTF
Last Man Standing

I chose to throw in last man standing because although I have not played it, it sounds like my kind of game, considering I once thought the goal of dodgeball was to be the last man standing....:/

07-07-10, 00:16
I only own the original UT and UT3. I used to play the original UT all the time and I've barely played UT3, so my vote is actually based on the original game.

I voted:
- Team Deathmatch
- Assault

07-07-10, 00:18
I voted Team Deathmatch and Vehicle CTF.

09-07-10, 01:36
I voted Team Deathmatch and Vehicle CTF.

I voted these two :tmb: I have UT2k4 and UT3. Both are great but I think UT3 is much better imo. :)