View Full Version : The Backloggery - Keep tabs on old games

07-07-10, 18:44
I found quite an interesting website last night called The Backloggery where you can list games that you have yet to complete or finish and help you to work through your backlog of games.


http://backloggery.com/jamieoliver22/sig.gif (http://backloggery.com/jamieoliver22)

Here is my account: http://www.backloggery.com/jamieoliver22 - add me as a friend if you are so inclined. :p

Some people might find this useful/interesting :D

lara c. fan
07-07-10, 18:45
Mine would have way too many :p

Legend of Lara
07-07-10, 20:54
I've had one for a while, but there's still a bunch of games missing.


http://backloggery.com/flashfumo/sig.gif (http://backloggery.com/flashfumo)

08-07-10, 08:32
Yeah i use that and Playfire.