View Full Version : Anyone here with a female Xbox Avatar with Xbox Live?

08-07-10, 09:55
I got Final Fantasy 13 and registered it and they gave me 2 codes as a thanks.
1 was a female outfit and the other was male.
I have a male avatar and can't use the female one so thought I'd let sum1 else make use of it.

I guess the way this'll work is the first girl to reply can have the code which I will PM to them.

08-07-10, 10:05
im using a female avatar atm for my fang avatar :)

im male but still fang was the best character in ff13 lol

08-07-10, 10:13
Do u want it?

08-07-10, 13:38
if noone else does i dont mind, though you could make a female and use it yourself and swap between different avatars.

08-07-10, 15:15
I've PMd u the code, let me know if u have any probs.