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08-07-10, 20:05
Ok, so I remembered today that on my old PSN account I had downloaded a few games... I paid for them so I want to re-download them. So I tried to sign in but I forgot the email address that I used. I tried all of my email accounts and none of them work. Does anybody know any way to retrieve my forgotten email?

08-07-10, 20:07
I haven't a clue. Usually when you forget your email, you're screwed - recovery features on websites usually only recover passwords or usernames, which the registered email address is required for.

This is one reason why I hate that PSN accounts are free - people change them all willy nilly :p.

08-07-10, 20:12
Don't you get an e-mail from PSN when you activate it or transfer money to it or something? I always get an e-mail to my registered e-mail when I transfer money to my PSN. Check all your e-mail accounts and see if you have any e-mails from PSN. If you have deleted them, then it's worse...

08-07-10, 20:16
If the OP forgot what email address they used for PSN...um, yeah.

08-07-10, 20:17
Ugh, sorry for wasting everyones time. I figured it out, and the game wasnt even in the download history after all that -.-"

this thread can be closed or deleted or whatever
Sorry again :o

08-07-10, 20:18
Glad to hear everything's ship shape :).

08-07-10, 20:20
Not really. i still dont have the game... $20 well spent *sarcasm *

08-07-10, 20:22
That's annoying :mad:. What game was it?

08-07-10, 20:24
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

08-07-10, 20:27
Ah. Is there any way you can contact Sony and get this matter straightened out?

08-07-10, 20:30
Meh i dont think I will. Its not THAT big of a deal. It just kinda sucks...

08-07-10, 20:31
It's understandable. I hope things work out - it seems like you've experienced quite a bit of technical difficulties this week :(.