View Full Version : General Gaming Help/Inquiry/Q&A Thread

11-07-10, 18:15
There seems to be an increase in threads and people needing assistance with certain issues in gaming, so I thought it be a good idea to create a thread where people can come and ask questions to get answers to any issues they're having :).

11-07-10, 18:18
Open VIDEO GAME Chat - Basic Questions, Inquiries, & Help Thread! (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=155092)


11-07-10, 18:19
I looked all over for that thread, Nate! Where the Hell did you find it?!

11-07-10, 18:20
I have skills. I remember Matt made it so I just looked up his threads and found it.

11-07-10, 18:21
Well, much obliged :D I knew it existed, but I couldn't find it. Thank goodness it's not dead.