View Full Version : General Sim City thread?

Uzi master
13-07-10, 05:17
Assuming anyone here plays simcit games I think this would be a good place for people to ask questions about any of the games, perhaps showcase citys they're working on or whatever else. unless this can apply to a general sims thread.

If anyone has sim city 4 theres a lot of mods like new buildings and asctetic scenery plus other things at http://www.simtropolis.com/

So who here has playd SC4 recently:)

currently I'm working on a region loosley based on British Columbia: http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/394/6437879583.jpg

13-07-10, 07:07
That's a nice city you have there. I love SimCity 4, but I haven't played it in ages. :/

13-07-10, 07:32
That's an amazing town, I'm so bad at this game I always end up taking loans and I never have those high resident buildings they always end up being like houses with pool and that's it.

Uzi master
13-07-10, 07:35
thanks guys:hug:, you really need to experiment first, learning how to budget services, or when to actually add services is neccesary.

a few tips if you want:D, try using low density buildings, and try building a few small citys around a big one, linked cities prosper better.

also dont try and give the sims everything early on too, that costs you a LOT of money.

13-07-10, 13:00
I have The Sim City Box which came with SimCity Societies, SimCity Destinations, SimCity 4, Sim City 4: Rush Hour, and SnapCity. I haven't played them in awhile though. All for $20 :D!

Uzi master
14-07-10, 19:54
I have most of the simcitys, though I dont have destinations or the first one, though I dont think it works on windows anyway...

15-07-10, 04:22
I have SimCity 4! :D Sadly I don't play it because its quite confusing and boring :o

Uzi master
15-07-10, 20:53
I have SimCity 4! :D Sadly I don't play it because its quite confusing and boring :o

if you know what do do its less boring, I would suggest playing sim city 3000 first, its less confusing, a LOT less confusing.:D

15-07-10, 21:20
alien attacks :p

15-07-10, 21:26
I love SimCity 4 :D I recently started playing it again (after a looooong time), and I think it's time for me to get Rush Hour!

Uzi master
15-07-10, 22:41
you should! :tmb:

you get a lot more options for transportation, like monorails or ferries, plus a new style of buildings.:D