View Full Version : Yakuza 4? Wait, what?

Legend of Lara
16-07-10, 14:14

I may be a little late, but whatever. :p
They're actually bringing it over. I did not see this coming, especially after Yakuza 3's... "controversial" release.

16-07-10, 14:17
Lord knows why, they're all terrible.

16-07-10, 18:27
In my opinion they're great! :jmp: Real repetitive though :/

I played a japenese demo of Yakuza 4 a few months before its JPN release and it re-used so many elements from Yakuza 3 >_> Still had fun though. Glad they're bringing it to the US :tmb:

da tomb raider!
16-07-10, 20:35
Found this out a while ago, but thanks for posting all the same! :p

I'm a big fan of Yakuza 1 and 3 (haven't played the second one yet), and I'm looking forward to number 4. What with all of the diversions throughout the whole game, I can't say that I find the games repetitive, but I suppose the third one was a tad too similar to the first one, and it looks like Yakuza 4 won't be bringing in any big changes. I do believe that there's a new combat mechanic that involves commanding team-mates, though, so I reckon that'll keep things nice and fresh for a while. I just hope that Sega will have the time (and sense) to release the whole thing this time, and not cut things out like they did with Yakuza 3...

16-07-10, 21:27
You really should bother with this series if you have a problem having sega cut a crapload of material for foreign markets. Go check out the sega boards for info.