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22-07-10, 08:34
There is yet no thread on this game here.

In Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, a mysterious artifact called the Tablet of Order and Chaos gets shattered into four pieces, creating problems with reality. A mystic within the Amazing Universe, who is confirmed to not be a current or former Sorcerer Supreme, will tell Spider-Man how he can fix this, by going into three different dimensions (aside from his own), get help from the different Spider-Men in each dimension, and recover the tablet fragment in each.

The game will feature appearances from characters such as Kraven the Hunter, Juggernaut, Noir versions of Hammerhead, Vulture and the Green Goblin, 2099 versions of Hobgoblin and the Scorpion, and the Ultimate versions of Carnage and Deadpool.

You also get the run of four Spider-Men including the Mainstream 616 (Amazing) version, the 2099 version, Spider-Man Noir and Ultimate Spider-Man clad in the infamous Black Suit.

It seems as though Venom will be getting a well-deserved rest in this game as well, and Carnage will be making his first appearance since appearing in Ultimate Spider-Man The Video game (although it will be the Ultimate version).

Four people who voiced Spider-Man in cartoon shows will voice the four Spider-Men.

# Christopher Daniel Barnes -Spider-Man Noir (From Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
# Dan Gilvezan - Spider-Man 2099 (From Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends)
# Josh Keaton - Ultimate Spider-Man (From The Spectacular Spider-Man)
# Neil Patrick Harris - Amazing Spiderman (From Spider-Man: The New Animated Series)

22-07-10, 10:16
I believe there was already a thread on this. I await this game, but I dunno, I have to wait for the reviews.

22-07-10, 10:53
I could not find the thread, not even using the search function or in my subscriptions.

22-07-10, 13:24
# Christopher Daniel Barnes -Spider-Man Noir (From Spider-Man: The Animated Series)
# Dan Gilvezan - Spider-Man 2099 (From Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends)
# Josh Keaton - Ultimate Spider-Man (From The Spectacular Spider-Man)
# Neil Patrick Harris - Amazing Spiderman (From Spider-Man: The New Animated Series)

Alright! These two will be enough for me to at least rent the game. It's like my childhood all over again. :p

I bet this was done because most of the AA voices are from BTAS.

Alex Fly
22-07-10, 13:28
I honestly can't wait for this game. It looks promising and fun ! :jmp:

22-07-10, 19:45
I think Christopher Daniel Barnes' performance sounds even darker than his Black-Suited voice in the cartoon (you can hear him in the Noir trailer).

23-07-10, 07:10
I'm really excited for this game as I'm a huge Spider-Man fan:D All the dimensions are great choices, except Ultimate(which I don't like as much). I mean, we already had a game revolved around symbiotes(Web of Shadows)and a game based around Ultimate Spidey in 2005. I wanted Spidey Unlimited to be the last dimension:( Oh well, I'll still buy this game nonetheless. It's also great that it's going back to the level-based system the PS1 games had and they brought back all those cool voice actors:). I hope the developers bring back powers on certain costumes ex: invunerability, double damage etc and What If? Mode from the PS1 Spider-Man games, or at least for DLC later if they haven't put them in the game.

EDIT: Just checked HeroHQ forums and it's been confirmed that Stan Lee will be narrating for this game, like in the PS1 games:jmp::)

23-07-10, 12:26
All right, they're going back to the series roots and reinventing it! :D

I do hope they sort of the free-roam games to make something even better than Spider-Man 2 in the next game though.

24-07-10, 05:20
Yeah, same here ggctuk. I've never found a freeroam Spider-Man game as fun as Spider-Man 2's movie game:D. I played this game so much that now my disc won't play anymore on my PS2, because of the risk of the disc breaking in half:( Anyway, I think they should stick with the level-based system for another game and give the freeroam a break. Also, it's the 10th anniversary of the 1st Spidey game on PS1 this year, but Activision aren't celebrating it from what it looks like:(

24-07-10, 05:37
Spider-Man 2's game made me feel like Spider-Man...in the sense that like him I was about to go nuts (like in the movie novel). After doing so many side missions, I felt like giving up! After story mode it just gets boring. But I did love the game anyway. :)

24-07-10, 06:37
Just to update this thread with some new info about Shattered Dimensions.

Negative Zone and Scarlet Spider-Man costumes are unlockable in the game and possibly Spider-Armor(not Iron Spidey) and Mangaverse costumes as well.

Madame Web has been confirmed as a character that will help the Spider-Men out.

Mysterio is the one who tries to steal the Tablet of Order and Chaos.

And there will be a Spider-Ham cameo.

28-07-10, 07:20
Sorry for the bump(and double post) but I just want to let everyone know that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions will also be coming to PC as well!!

08-09-10, 20:00
This game has now been released in the United States, although here we have to wait until Friday. But the game has received positive reviews, higher than those of Web of Shadows, so I'm definitely tempted to get this game. Speaking of which, I am actually very glad that Venom in any incarnation is absent.

09-09-10, 04:25
Same here. I might rent it first though when it comes out here in NZ. Also, on HeroHQ forums, all the costumes have been revealed!! Sadly, a lot of the costumes are pretty disappointing. Here's the complete list:

Cosmic suit
Bagman(Spidey wearing a Fantastic 4 suit with a bag over his head)
Secret War
Scarlet Spider

Cosmic suit
Prototype Noir suit(red and blue version of the Noir suit)
Negative Zone

Cosmic suit
Iron Spidey

Cosmic suit
Ultimate's version of the red and blue suit(how lazy for a costume choice)
Insulated suit

Oh man, I hope they do DLC because I want the following costumes:

Unlimited- for 2099
House of M- for Amazing
Dusk- for Noir
Arachnoman(costume from 2005 Ultimate Spider-Man game)- Ultimate(obviously)

Ones I don't want as much but would still be great to have in the game:
Quick Change Spidey- for any of the dimensions
Peter Parker(for Amazing, Ultimate and Noir)/Miguel O'Hara(2099)
Alex Ross suits- ?
Spider-Man India- ?
Spider-Hulk(could be an extra dimension for DLC but I doubt he would be put in the game)
Spider-Phoenix- ?
Mr-Negative- Either Noir or Amazing

09-09-10, 09:40
There are tons of costumes they could have added - Posion, Spider-Venom, Spider-Carnage, Spider-Phoenix, Movie costumes, Dusk etc. It would have been better to have had it so that each Spider-Man could wear the others' costumes after completing the game.

Oh, and I remember Bag Man :D 616 Spidey wore it after getting rid of the Black Suit the first time.

10-09-10, 08:41
It's out today in the UK. I preordered it from Game yesterday so I got double reward points. I'll be getting it this afternoon. I'm mixed about having to play the Ultimate dimension though - it seems like a rehash of Web of Shadows with Carnage instead of Venom.

10-09-10, 09:50
I've got my game and can't wait to try it at home. I know next to nothing about this game, hope it's good as the spiderman 1 game on ps.:D

10-09-10, 13:53
Yeah, same here ggctuk. I've never found a freeroam Spider-Man game as fun as Spider-Man 2's movie game:D. I played this game so much that now my disc won't play anymore on my PS2, because of the risk of the disc breaking in half:( Anyway, I think they should stick with the level-based system for another game and give the freeroam a break. Also, it's the 10th anniversary of the 1st Spidey game on PS1 this year, but Activision aren't celebrating it from what it looks like:(

i liked the pizza mini game, i'd get the pizzas and then do acrobatics to squish them before delivering them or jumping into the bay

10-09-10, 19:52
I've just beaten the Deadpool mission. I think it's good so far and I like how each Spider-Man has their own style, and yet the gameplay isn't too dissimilar to previous games despite the removal of free-roam. The story isn't as strong as previous games but the gameplay is solid enough to excuse it.

It looks like they might be planning DLC for this game. Whether that's new missions or new costumes remains to be seen, although I bet it'll be new costumes.

11-09-10, 06:32
DLC!!:jmp: I hope it's new costumes or add-ons to story mode/extra dimensions:).

11-09-10, 17:40
The game is wired to handle DLC from what I can see of the first-running of the game where it tries to detect DLC. Activision have said they do not plan to do DLC yet. But that means they probably will in the future.

For costumes I'd love to see the following:

Film Spider-Man
Symbiote Spider-Man
Peter Parker

Poison (From What If...? The Other)
Symbiote Spider-Man
Alex Ross - White
Peter Parker

Miguel O'Hara
Captain Universe
Spider-Man Unlimited

Film Black Suit
Peter Parker
Carnage (referencing the Carnage Spider-Man became in Ultimate Spider-Man) or Spider-Carnage

13-09-10, 03:41
Played a bit, so far I'm enjoying it.

Pro so far:
Spiderman's attitude. He was so funny, witty and leave sarcastic remarks here and there, it's awesome.

"Aww, man! Pants!! No one wants to see your junk." *covers eye view with hand* LOL but really, Electro is just like a Ken doll so no worries. :vlol:

This personality is much better than his lame movie counterpart.

The controls are not as intuitive. Sometimes I can't swing upwards, sometimes Spidey swing other places I didn't intend him to go to, etc. But with a little more practice, I think I can master it, just like Aod.

Graphics were amazing. Don't really like the comic book dimension, it feels like cell-shaded tech they're using, like Prince of Persia 2007 look or something which I'm not too keen on. The other world looks great.

This game does feel like Batman Arkham Asylum copycat a bit...particularly the detective mode and enemies takedown from high places. But it was fun nonetheless.

16-09-10, 14:00
Yep, I completed the game last night. It is a definite imrpovement over previous installments of Spider-Man video games, harking right back to the old PSOne title days. Some of the lines were brilliant in-game, some not so. If I had to pick one dimension I liked most it would be the Timestorm/2099 dimension (In 2099, Kron Stone becomes Venom, in Timestorm he is the Scorpion).

The game's best moments:
-Spider-Man's many quips, such as, "Hey, stop hitting your face with my fist!"
-Deadpool and his breaking the fourth wall ("So, where in continuity do you think this game goes?")
-The entirety of 2099.
-Chris Barnes voicing Spider-Man Noir.
-The Noir stealth sections.
-The Carnage section (even though it's a carbon copy of the last game).
-Venom being absent from the game.
-Spider-Ham cameo at the end.

The not-so-good
-Mysterio as the main villain.
-Only four Spider-Men.
-The final boss fight against Mysterio can get annoying, mainly during the Noir and 2099 portions.
-The first-person hand-to-hand sequences felt thrown-in, and more like they were tailored for the Wii version. Bosses didn't sustain any actual damage at these points, not even minute.
-The swinging wasn't as good as the previous game. It felt a little slow compared to previous games. Web Zipping was also not that good as Spidey couldn't web-zip wherever he liked.
-Venom being absent from the game.

Overall, Activision is headed in the right direction again. Combine the gameplay of this with the open-world city of Spider-Man 3, the awesome combat of Web of Shadows, and the awesome playability of Spider-Man 2 and they'd have a brilliant game. 9/10 for this game from me.

Oh, and Chris Barnes for voicing Spidey in the next Spider-Man game.

16-09-10, 15:55
Hehe...I finished it last night as well. What a coincidence. :D

I did complained about the controls earlier, but they're pretty intuitive now that I got used to it. Only problem is that when I crawl on the ceiling (exactly on the ceiling) the camera goes crazy like TRU. Other than that, everything is just peechy. ;)

If I have to pick one dimension, I would pick Spidey Noir. The combination of dark/shadowy vs lighting area contrast is beautifully done. You get Spidey in dark and grey outline in dark areas, but when he reaches a light from e.g. a pole, his outfit colors shine through. Seems hard to explain, but see for yourself, it’s beautifully done that I’ve never seen anything like it before. :tmb:

- Again, Spidey’s witty attitude and sharp remarks. I read that this is the original voice actor from the animated series, which reminisce exactly like Batman Arkham Asylum’s method of hiring the original voice actors on board. It works, the game feels much more enjoyable and fun. This is the most enjoyable Spidey persona I’ve played with, followed by the Spidey in PS1 game.
- Boss battles has many varieties and not just some cheap shot, beat to death gameplay. Most of the requires techniques which is a huge plus for me.
- Graphics are amazing. And Spidey look amazingly detailed.
- I never knew Deadpool was SO TALKATIVE, he was dead serious and mute in X-Men Origin : Wolverine lmao.


- No Mary Jane. Yeah silly I know, but I love saving damsel in distress. It’s like Ninja Turtles without April O’Neil, feels kinda empty or something is missing. :p They need to put MJ back in the game.
- 2099 world makes me dizzy with all the bright lightings. If that’s the real world in the future, I’ll move to other country. XD I bet other people find it enjoyable, so this is just me.
- Swinging is not as fast or efficient compared to Spiderman on PS1, which felt more smooth and precise.
- Story is average.
- The random character switch throughout the levels could be better implemented. I feel that I don’t like switching from Spidey to another Spidey as the level changes. They could do separate adventures by choosing one Spidey at a time. That way, a consistency can be established and I think I will enjoy it more rather than randomly switch to another character just for the sake of moving the story. For e.g. rather than Spidey 2099 swithc to Spidey Noir in the next level, the menu should make options to choose either one of the four Spidey. For example if you choose Spidey Noir, it will only be his adventure from start to finish. Kinda like Sonic Adventure scheme or Sonic The Hedgehog (Next Gen) scheme. The final level with Mysterio they can maintain as is since it’s the finale and all the Spideys join forces.

Overall: 4/5.
A very enjoyable and fun game.

Legend of Lara
16-09-10, 16:42
- I never knew Deadpool was SO TALKATIVE, he was dead serious and mute in X-Men Origin : Wolverine lmao.

Yeah, that movie raped Deadpool's character.

Alex Fly
16-09-10, 17:26
Good to see so many positive comments about the game, can't wait to try myself ! :tmb:

17-09-10, 08:23
Same here. I still can't wait to give this game a try, but I've found out that Spidey: Shattered Dimensions isn't coming out here in New Zealand and Australia until September 29th:mad:

Legend of Lara
17-09-10, 19:33
Hammerhead's laugh is so annoying. :hea:

02-10-10, 00:09
I finally gave Shattered Dimensions a rent yesterday and I beat it in a day:eek: Still have to beat a couple more challenges though.

Overall, I enjoyed the game. Great voice acting, gameplay, art styles etc. Except the story which wasn't that good at all. My favourite dimension out of the 4 is 2099, because of accelerated vision and the combat as well as having the best bosses(in my opinion) then any other dimension.

Followed by Noir(which I both liked and hated)because of the stealth. It was fun to sneak up on guys and take them down, like Batman in Arkham Asylum. The downside though is that I got spotted quite often by the spotlights on the walls or fireworks shooting up into the sky in the Goblin level, which really ****ed me off.

Next is Amazing, which has some of the best jokes in the game and the best looking levels. I did get bored with the combat in Amazing though, because it felt like more of the same moves as before.

And finally, Ultimate, which has the 2nd best combat in the game and Deadpool:) It was funny to hear Deadpool making jokes whenever I paused the game in that level and during gameplay. But at the same time, Ultimate had the longest levels of them all and which I was constantly hopeing that the levels would end soon, but each of the Ultimate levels took me over an hour to beat, mostly because of frustrating sequences like the tidal waves in Deadpool's level or the final fight against Electro.

Overall, I give this game a 8/10 because of the story and some serious glitches which happened in the following order:

2099(1st level)- I was fighting some jet bike enemies when suddenly the game crashed:mad: I had to start all over again and get all the challenges done again:mad:

2099(2nd level)- I was throwing some Scorpion eggs around when suddenly my controls froze up and I couldn't do anything, except move the camera and pause the game/web of destiny. I had to restart from the last checkpoint in order to move again.

Noir(2nd level)- I had to fight some enemies that were coming out some doors when suddenly a enemy got stuck in the wall:mad: I had to use the Ground Smash attack about 30 times before the enemy finally was defeated, so I could continue on.

I hope Beenox release some patches to fix these issues and I can't wait for DLC:D

09-10-10, 04:04
^That's a load of freezes and bugs. I haven't encounter anything of the sort though, but I dislike the camera when crawling on one of the ceiling in Spidey Noir level. It went haywire and makes me want to puke, so I hang around the walls instead.