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22-07-10, 09:21
It's 5:20 am here and I just finished watching Lost in Translation :D

If you could be doing anything at the moment what would you rather be doing at this very moment? :)

I would just love to be in a foreign place at the moment... soaking up new experiences, meeting new people, and moving from place to place.


22-07-10, 09:24
I'll be doing that on Saturday. Go to sleep :p

22-07-10, 09:28
I'll be doing that on Saturday. Go to sleep :p

Where are you going??

And I did sleep I just woke up at 3 am and can't fall back to sleep

22-07-10, 09:31
I'd rather be exploring with the woman I love. Perhaps a good rock climb. :)

Nenya awakens
22-07-10, 09:46
I'd rather be with my boyfriend, I hate waking up alone, Having to say goodbye at the train station every few weeks kills me.

22-07-10, 11:06
Sitting on a plane which is heading for an exotic, far away location.

22-07-10, 11:22
Walking through a garden made of food *drools* but in reality id rather be at home right now not at work but still have money :p

22-07-10, 11:23
I'm currently travelling, and would rather be travelling. :p

Lee croft
22-07-10, 11:32
I'd rather be at a pool party in a hot country, but not too hot and listening to loud music that i love and pushing people into the pool then jumping in myself XD

22-07-10, 11:39
I'd like to be with someone special in my own place somewhere nice. I have my whole life for that though, just need to get my foot out of the door.

22-07-10, 11:44
Closing this thread and directing you to Open Chat...oh wait. I am :p