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sandra croft
23-07-10, 18:36
1 Temple of Khamoon, TRA
2 Coustal ruins + Catacomba+ Temple of Poisedon, TR4
3 Natlas Mines, TR1
4 Obelisk of Khamoon, TRA
5 Sanctuary of the Scion, TRA
6 Library, TR4
7 Bioresearch Facility, AOD
8 Nepal, TRL
9 Venice, TR2
10 Cleopatra´s Palace, TR4

23-07-10, 20:06
1. Southern Mexico (TRU)
2. Mediterranean Sea (TRU)
3. Temple of Khamoon (TRA)
4. Sanctuary of Scion (TRA)
5. Louvre Galleries / Galleries under Siege (AOD)
6. England (TRL)
7. Coastal Thailand (TRU)
8. Jan Mayen Island (TRU)
9. Tomb of Tihocan (TRA)
10. Peru (TRL)
(+10. TRL Croft Manor (As free roam place!)

Those I enjoyed the most.

23-07-10, 20:11
1. Citadel TR4
2. Cleopatra's Palaces TR4
3. Thames Wharf TR3
4. Temple of Xian TR2
5. Aquatic Research Area AOD
6. Temple of Poseidon TR4
7. Nevada Desert TR3
8. The Deck TR2
9. Street Bazaar TR4
10. Labyrinth TR5

23-07-10, 20:31
This is very hard.....VERY hard....

OK....I have played all of TR2, some of TR1, some of TR3, all of TR4, TRC,AOD,TRL,TRA,TRU....

1. TR4 - Alexandria
2. TR3 - India
3. TRC - Rome
4. TRU - Mexico
5. TRU Thailand
6. TR3 South Pacific
7. TRC Ireland
8. AOD - Louvre Galleries
9. TR2 - Venice
10. TR4 Desert Railroad

That was hard, may be inaccurat near the end...very hard decisions, I was too lazy to break up the sub levels of the classics so just went by location. I chose Desert Railraod because, although short and on the action side, they did a great job of keeping puzzles without loosing the exileration of being on a moving train, it was sooo intense shimming around the bottom of the train, imagining one touch of the ground and you would immediately be whisked away in the gravel and dust. Just a cool level.:p

23-07-10, 21:34
TR-IV: Whole of Alexandria area (basically counts as one level, right? :whi:)
TR-II: Temple of Xian
TR: Palace Midas
TRA: St. Francis' Folly
TR: Lost Valley
TR-III: Temple Ruins
TRAOD: Hall of Seasons
TRU: Southern Mexico
TR-II: Barkhang Monastery
TR-II: Great Wall
(TRU: Coastal Thailand)

Was pretty hard, it would probably be very different if I made this list again in, say, one hour from now. :vlol:
I think it's a nice combination of both CORE and CD levels. :)

23-07-10, 23:33
Love making these lists, they remind me of the most awesome moments in my TR playing life. :D

Of course, my list isn't exactly orthodox for a TR fan. Here we go:

1. Aldwych - perfect use of the two things I appreciate the most in TR: good level design, and good atmosphere. It has always been my favourite level. I never get tired of playing through it and I am always fascinated by the many mysteries that it involves, like the Masonic temple, the old subway carts, etc. It feels like being inside a really good horror novel.

2. Wreck of the Maria Doria + Living Quarters + The Deck - to me it makes no sense to consider these levels in separate. Combined, they're my second favourite because of the same reasons stated above: brilliant level design and atmosphere. Also, they're quite imaginative in theme.

3. Temple Ruins - the best of the typical TR ruins-based level, which has also got the coolest enemies in the series (the Shiva statues).

4. Temple of Xian - there's just so much going on in this level, it's endless fun. Also, this was the level that scared me the most back in the day, because of the spiders!

5. The Lost Valley (TR1) - I see it as one of the most iconic levels (if not THE most) in TR History. The atmosphere is incredible, despite the old graphics you really feel "lost" in South America. And the introduction of friggin' dinosaurs is just pure win on its own.

6. The Lost Library - the theme is wonderful (who wouldn't want to explore the library of Alexandria??) and the design is really good, also aesthetically pleasing. Some great moments in this level, like the planetary puzzle and the tin rider.

7. Lost City of Tinnos - much like Temple of Xian, it's great because it's vast, extremely challenging and with a huge variety of different puzzles, traps, things to do, etc.

8. Sanctuary of the Scion (TRA) - the only Crystal level that makes it to this list, because it was quite an amazing adaptation of the original to modern style gameplay. The obelisk puzzles were quite a beautiful thing to do, same with the underwater room with the 2 statues, and the relics and artifacts are really cool here. I wish Crystal had actually learned something with this baby when they made the following game.

9. The Hall of Seasons - it was a great combination of the old school level design with the darker, more "gothic" atmosphere of AoD.

10. 13th Floor + Escape with the Iris - these two levels combined were amazingly fun to play when I first got the game. This kind of "techno-ninja" Lara and her stealth elements was a great idea for a one-of-a-kind level set.

24-07-10, 00:23
I think we need a poll :p .

24-07-10, 00:27
1. Coastal Thailand
2. Wreck of the Maria Doria
3. Louvre Galleries
4. Area 51
5. Southern Mexico
6. St. Francis Folly (TRA)
7. Aldwych
8. Kazakhstan
9. The Hall of Seasons
10. Temple of Xian

24-07-10, 00:39
I think we need a poll :p .
There actually was a really big poll not so long ago. First people were asked what their favourite level from every game was (the polls were in the respective game sections) and then there was one ´best of the best´ poll. Coastal Thailand was the winner btw. :)

24-07-10, 01:03
1. Galleries Under Siege [AoD]
2. Niflheim [TRU]
3. Red Alert! [TR5]
4. Temple of Horus [TR4]
5. Aldwych [TR3]
6. Parisian Ghetto [AoD]
7. Thames Wharf [TR3]
8. Nightmare in Vegas [TR2 Gold]
9. Atlantean Stronghold [TRUB]
10. The Final Conflict [TRA]

24-07-10, 01:42
1. Sanctury of the Scion - Tomb Raider 1
2. Nevada Desert - Tomb Raider 3
3. Cleopatra's Palace - The Last Revelation
4. Floating Islands - Tomb Raider 2
5. RX Tech Mines - Tomb Raider 3
6. The Cistern - Tomb Raider 1
7. Bhogavati - Tomb Raider Underworld
8. Xibalba - Tomb Raider Underworld
9. Red Alert - Tomb Raider Chronicles
10. Croft Manor - Tomb Raider 1 -3

24-07-10, 01:46
I was the only one who bothered to explain my choices? Meh... You guys are boring! :ton:

24-07-10, 01:50
Mines are basically boring choices anyway but mostly because I have happy memories of them. I was surprised that some CD games made it onto my list but thinking over all about them they were good! :D

24-07-10, 09:44
1. Escape with the Iris ~ Very fun and exciting to do, best level in TRC IMO.

2. Trajan's Markets ~ Yet another fun level to do in TRC and fighting the Roman Head and man with the sword. Good ol' times.

3. Louvre Galleries ~ Very interesting level in AOD and yet again, fun to explore and the music was just lush!

4. Neptune's Hall ~ Short but a fun level to do, with my favourite element, Water!

5. Opera House ~ A pretty long and another fun level to do in TR2.

6. Atlantis ~ Great level to do before the climax of TR1.

7. The Tomb of Seth ~ Very interesting level in TR4.

8. The Lost Library ~ A very beautiful level in TR4, which I enjoyed.

9. Thames Wharf ~ Very open and fun level to do in the streets of London, TR3.

10. Jungle ~ First game in TR3 and yet what a great opener to the game.


24-07-10, 17:09
In no particular order:

Obelisk of Khamoon - Tomb Raider
A lot stuff nailed perfectly in the first game here. Good use of color, a lot of things to do within the level itself, a sublime sense of height and vertigo as you make your way to the top of the level.

Maria Doria/Living Quarters/The Deck - Tomb Raider II
There are more things I dislike about TRII than I like. The list is quite long and it's sufficient to keep me from replaying it even so many years later. But this section of the game is really the first in the franchise to demonstrate that a modern ruin can be just as exciting to explore as an ancient one.

Temple of Karnak/Great Hypostyle Hall/Sacred Lake - Last Revelation
Given the limitations of the graphics at the time, the amount of detail that went into replicating the real-life structure is absolutely stunning. Walk through the columns of Great Hypostyle Hall and then check out photographs of them. Combine that with the way the levels intertwine with each other, and it's easily one of the best moments in the entire franchise.

Peru - Legend
The annoying motorcycle part aside, this is one of the levels that brought me back into the franchise after TRIII killed it for me. You actually get to play within a flashback instead of merely watching it, and the use of color to separate the past from the present was just enough to give it the haze of a memory. Despite how brief the Tiwanaku tomb feels when you revisit it, it recaptured why I like playing TR in the first place.

Caves/City of Vilcabamba/Lost Valley/Tomb of Qualopec - Anniversary
I rarely replay just one of the Peru levels - generally I have to replay them all. Too many places where I just stare at the location and smile that I am returning here to explore it once more.

Saint Francis Folly - Anniversary
The scale of it is breathtaking for me to this day. The size of the main room, the feel of each of the "god" rooms, the star puzzle at the very beginning, the sensation of emptiness and isolation combine to make a fantastic experience.

Mediterranean Sea - Underworld
Beginning with the swim down to the ruins, watching them slowly appear through the haze of the ocean water and climaxing with a frantic climb out of a sinking ship, it is an apt beginning to game called Underworld.

Coastal Thailand - Underworld
I remember downloading the demo and just being floored by it. It gets a lot of flak for being a well-regarded CD level from the newest game, but it takes a lot of what CORE traditionally did (find object in Sub-Level D, bring Object to Sub-Level B, but first manipulate mechanism in Sub-Level C to open Sub-Level D, and finally in Sub-Level E you get the story piece you were looking for, etc) and allows you to wander a very lush and golden temple in the process.

Arctic Sea - Underworld
This is probably the most fun I've ever had in a swimming level in any Tomb Raider. What I would give to see the Helheim fortress before the ocean claimed it, during the height of its majesty when the glare of the massive chains would have been blinding for kilometers.

Beneath the Ashes - Underworld DLC
The grapple finally gets its due in a wonderful, somewhat modern ruin comparatively speaking. It's a pity that it connects to the dreadful plot of Lara's Shadow, but strip out the ending narrative and this is one of my most replayed TR levels.

24-07-10, 21:49
In no particular order.

1. Great Hypostyle Hall LR

2. Peru Legend

3. Floating Islands TR2

4. The Lost Valley TR1/TRA

5. RX Tech Mines. TR3

6. St Francis Folly TRA

7. Nevada Desert TR3.

8. Sanctuary of the Scion. TRA

9.Hall of Seasons. AOD.

10. Temple Ruins. TR3.

24-07-10, 22:20
In no particular order:

St.Francis Folly - I loved the traps and overall design of this level in both versions :tmb: I loved the nod to Grecian gods and mentionable men in the 4 key rooms and the general themes in each room.Yep, definately one of my faves :tmb:

Mexico(the entrance to Xibalba section) - Loved the design and how you had to thoroughly scour the whole level and backtrack to get into the underworld. Loved how you needed to use the motorbike & general traversal :tmb:

Bolivia- Beautiful scenery and mixture of wild leafy plants to underground dark temples :cln: Loved the mechanisms and overall route to get through the level.

Coliseum - Loved it in both games, nice overall amphitheatre and again a nice mixture of keys/doors/backtracking/advancing :tmb:

Thialand - drawdroppingly beautiful, long, different levels, enemies and general ideas really appealed to me :tmb: and the sea at the beginning!

Med sea/ Niflheim - I loved the underwater sea architexture and well the sea in general :P Lovely water effects both inside and out as well as the texturing. This level was implemented really nicely :tmb:

Great wall of china - I used to love this in the classics because of its beauty and general mix between bright n' chery and then you are plunged into dark and scariness :cln:

Khazhacstan- Loved the ducati motobikes and Jeeps, general motorbike traversal and mix of mercenery camps to industrial warehouses :cln: Loved the train wreck and the vent navigation, felt very tomb raider-ish :tmb:

England - Was so beautiful and scary! I loved the story behind this one and how it hid deeper and dangerous ruins :tmb: I also loved the freaky hydra!

Lost valley - i've always loved this level in both versions for its sheer scale - the big pool of water always used to fascinate me and still does, and again; general ideas and story are implemented wonderfully in this :tmb:

just croft
24-07-10, 22:57
I only choose levels that I know very, very well. They are in no particular order. Quotes are from my TRIII replay from last year (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=156107) and wow just from going back to that thread I feel like doing on TRII or TRLR :D. I also have to appologize for choosing so many levels from TRIII, I would have choose other from other games but after reading that thread again I thought it would be best to post them with the quotes.


Aldwych - Tomb Raider III ("So far the most Tomb Raidish level has been located in an abandoned London Underground station and not in an acient temple, tomb or archeaological site")

Madabu Gorge - Tomb Raider III ("From start to end you have to go forward and back by another route and using different methods, see the same beautifully designed sight (and site) from different angles.")

High Security Compound - Tomb Raider III ("So someone suspected of eco-terrorism in a US military base in 1998 ended up in a jail cell which could be opened from the inside... :rolleyes:")

RX-Tech Mines - Tomb Raider III ("Scaryness level - Very very high! I jumped out of my chair (honest) in the room dark with the smoke comming from below when the first big fat mutant shows up.")

Lost City Of Tinnos - Tomb Raider III("And it was, after the bridge section when the frist two mutants appear my life bar was reduced to about 1%.")

Cistern - Tomb Raider

The Deck - Tomb Raider II

From Coastal Ruins to Cleopatra's Palaces segment - The Last Revelation

The Hall of Seasons segment - Angel of Darkness

Old Mill - Chronicles


8. Sanctuary of the Scion (TRA) - the only Crystal level that makes it to this list, because it was quite an amazing adaptation of the original to modern style gameplay. The obelisk puzzles were quite a beautiful thing to do, same with the underwater room with the 2 statues, and the relics and artifacts are really cool here. I wish Crystal had actually learned something with this baby when they made the following game.

9. The Hall of Seasons - it was a great combination of the old school level design with the darker, more "gothic" atmosphere of AoD.

8. The great pyramid was better in my opinion, only due to the fact that it was from all three CD games the level I found harder. The climb to the top was chanlleging... "I wish Crystal had actually learned something with this baby when they made the following game."

9. Indeed! :tmb:

sandra croft
25-07-10, 14:34
1 Temple of Khamoon, TRA
2 Coustal ruins + Catacomba+ Temple of Poisedon, TR4
3 Natlas Mines, TR1
4 Obelisk of Khamoon, TRA
5 Sanctuary of the Scion, TRA
6 Library, TR4
7 Bioresearch Facility, AOD
8 Nepal, TRL
9 Venice, TR2
10 Cleopatra´s Palace, TR4

I would just like to clarify that this are not the best Tomb Raider levels but the ones I had the most fun with, I do think that St Francis Folly and Midas Palace in TR1 has one of the best leveldesigns and are better TR levels than some of the levels mention above.

25-07-10, 18:13
dont know if i have 10 favs but

1. laras home tr2
2.home sweet home
3. the opera house
4.wreck of maria doria
5. lost valley
6.nevada desert in tr3, played it whilst snowing one of my fav gaming memories
7.floating islands
8.barkhang monastery

26-07-10, 13:22
10. It's a Madhouse (TLA) - A lot of people here might not have played this level, as it's not part of the "main series" as such. Nevertheless, The Lost Artifact is quite possibly the most colourful and imaginitive game of the series, and this level is definitely the colourful and imaginitive highlight of the adventure.

9. Wreck of the Maria Doria (TR2) - After the quiet and relatively uneventful 40 Fathoms, TR2 returns to its true nature with plenty more action, exploration and puzzles. A great level.

8. St. Francis' Folly (TRA) - The best TRA level by far. For once, they actually expanded on the original, adding to the puzzles and making the main hub section a lot more challenging to traverse.

7. The Deck (TR2) - A great way to end the underwater section. It's great to finally see the deck of the ship, and it's a great place to explore as well.

6. The Cistern (TR1) - This level is one big puzzle that successfully combines raising and lowering water levels and finding keys to unlock doors. It also has a pretty cool atmosphere.

5. The Lost Library (TR4) - This level is almost overwhelmingly huge. You know you've got your work cut out for you from the moment you step out into that hall, with all those doors facing you. You then proceed to make your way through a series of imaginitive and well-thought-out rooms, most of them interconnected, and with many interesting puzzles on the way.

4. Aldwych (TR3) - A very creepy level, and one with a tonne of keys and other such items to search for. There may be a lot of backtracking to be done, but that's the only real downside in an otherwise fantastic level.

3. Opera House (TR2) - An interesting way to end TR2's Venice saga. It's nice to see Venice at night as well as during the day, and the way the opera house is designed, with the domed roof (if indeed that's what it is), the main hall and the stage, is brilliantly done.

2. Palace Midas (TR1) - Hey, who doesn't love those levels that come back on themselves with walkways leading above previously visited areas from earlier in the level? Anyone who's got this far in TR1 will know what I mean. Also, the part where you enter the room with the Midas statue is a truly wondrous moment.

1. Barkhang Monastery (TR2) - Beautifully designed, from the layout to the puzzles to the scenery to the music. Best level ever.