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26-07-10, 12:03

Just Add Water are developing new Oddworld games :)

It’s with a huge amount of pride that we can announce that for the past 12 months we have been working extremely closely with the fantastic people at Oddworld Inhabitants, from what started off as brief discussions in June 2009, to now working on multiple projects, across multiple platforms.

Whilst we cannot go into specifics right now, we can tell you that over the coming weeks and months we will be announcing these exciting projects starring all of your favourite Oddworld characters.

“To work with the team at Oddworld has been amazing; being able to tap the minds of Lorne Lanning, Sherry McKenna and others has been fantastic,” said Just Add Water’s Managing Director Stewart Gilray.

“It’s almost symbiotic in that when something moves forward on any of the projects we just start chatting about new items, or what if we do this,” Gilray continued. “We’re all extremely excited to breathe life into the Oddworld universe and indeed to let it breathe life into us.”

Is anybody else looking forward to the prospect of new Oddworld games?

Recently i've been playing Abe's Oddysee and I think if the new games remains in it's classic 2D style it should be great :D

Lara's Nemesis
26-07-10, 13:43
Great news, I loved the first 2 games in the series. Only managed to play a bit of Munch's Odysee but didn't think it worked quite as well.


26-07-10, 14:13
Awesome, I look foward to this. I love the Oddworld games. :D

26-07-10, 14:45
I have Abe's Oddysee, which I loved; so I'm keeping an eye on this thread and any news on the new games ;)

26-07-10, 16:09
God I can't wait for these new Oddworld games, I love them all and I have played and currently own the four main Oddworld games and they are good.

26-07-10, 16:10
The first game was one of my favorites! Can't wait for the new games. :D

26-07-10, 19:50
I love Abe! They games were great and the whole world design is fantastic. They always have such interesting creatures!:D

Uzi master
26-07-10, 19:54
I used to have abes oddysey but never finished it:( apparently there;s supposed to be five games planned in the series, and a bonus game for each main game. glad they are continueing it:D

26-07-10, 20:04
Wow, I was just playing Abe's Exoddus the other day, what a coincidence. Here's hoping the new game will be a return to the classic 2d.

Lara's Nemesis
26-07-10, 20:05
Found some pretty cool gifs.:D




26-07-10, 20:20
I used to play Abe's oddyssee when I was younger, the designing indeed was brilliant. It had a bit creepy atmosphere sometimes and I never finished it, but I'm definitely gonna keep an eye on this thread too :)

26-07-10, 23:57
I got the first two games on PS last Christmas along with Medievil :D

I love them, though they're hard so I don't think I'll complete these for a long time ;) I will at some point, as I plan before I die to complete every single video game I own and keep the save files :tmb:

Ward Dragon
27-07-10, 01:10
It was mentioned in a podcast from PS Nation :) I typed up a transcript for my brother when I first heard it (he loves Oddworld :D). I only typed what Gilray said (not the people asking the questions or their interrupting comments that seemed irrelevant)

*Oddworld music plays, Abe says hello and follow me*

Basically we’re working with the very very nice people at Oddworld Inhabitants. We’ve been working with Lorne and the guys probably since June last year, building up a relationship. Right now I think we’ve got something like four or five projects in the pipeline with them. So when you said to me earlier where’s Vector B(?) and I said something cooler came up, that’s what cool came up. Forgive me for not going Oddworld go away we’re doing Vector B…

Oddworld guys we’ve been really good relationship. We started working last summer and then turn of the year took a nice turn up the way and with each week goes by right now more new exciting things are happening coming together looking forward to stuff. I can’t go into which titles we’re working on yet or when we’re working on them or when they’re coming out because there’s all various other announcements lined up in the coming weeks and months to do with that.

Is it PSN or disc-based? I do know that. All I can say is it’s not physical media based. It’s not just one platform, one format. For those people out there in Twitter land who have already put the clues together, there’s a new Twitter account AbeMudokon. You’ll also find us, been happily tweeting for 8-10 weeks now.

All I can say is that little snip that you heard at the start when I hinted at what it was, that was a hint to the first project and I think we’re going to be talking about that probably within the next two weeks sometime. It’s not PlayStation. There is no Wii-Wii here.

27-07-10, 01:15


I LOVED Abe's Oddysey! So I am excited. :D:jmp:

27-07-10, 02:46
This is great news! I miss Abe great games from back in the day! :):D

27-07-10, 05:43
Wow. I'd love for some more Mudokan games. I'm going to be saying "Hello." Hello. "Follow Me." Okay. "eyoeyoeyoeyoeyoeyoeyoeyoeyoeyo" for weeks.