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01-08-10, 08:55
Hi guys, lately I have been remembering this game that I played years ago but I just can't think of the name!

The only things I can remember about the game is that there is some rabbit type character who is green, I think and he helps you along the way, the game is all prerendered and you see from the players eyes. If I remember correctly I think the game was also set in a movie set type of place, and then, I think, this might be a different game, but the next part is in black and white but I am not entirely sure. There is this one puzzle I remember where you have a jewelery box that has 6 gems and one open space in the middle, and you have to try and get the gems to their opposite sides, there is also this other puzzle where, I think again, that you have to fix a stain glass window. This game is a point and click btw, and I think it is meant for like younger kids, but the game was just awesome when I used to play it and I want to try and find it again.

Thanks to anyone who can help! :D

02-08-10, 11:00
Seriously, no one? :o

02-08-10, 11:07
Was it Jazz Jackrabbit (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jazz_Jackrabbit), by any chance?


02-08-10, 11:16
Nah, it was more of a puzzle game, and it has prerendered backgrounds.

02-08-10, 11:17
At first, I thought it was Croc. :o

02-08-10, 11:24
Nah, it was more of a puzzle game, and it has prerendered backgrounds. I am just trying to help...:o

02-08-10, 11:47
I wasn't getting angry. :confused: