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05-08-10, 04:12
Isn't it great to know?

Even Taliban Leaders Love their Apple iPhone

The ultra-conservative Taliban are no big fans of the West and they banned all gizmos and other forms of entertainment in Afghanistan but these rules are slightly relaxed for the top leadership of Taliban.

Former Taliban ambassador Mullah Zaeef, who is currently in Kabul after spending years at the Guantanamo bay in Cuba, is a huge fan of his "Made in America" iPhone and uses it for Internet as well as GPS.

You can buy an unlocked iPhone in some Kabul shop for around $800 which I won’t classify as ‘very expensive’ because the device, if purchased legally, would cost almost the same in India.

Given their love for the iPhone, don’t be surprised if the CIA gets Apple to manufacture some special iPhone models (with tracking) especially for Afghanistan hoping that some Al Qaeda operatives would buy them.

Source (http://www.labnol.org/gadgets/taliban-love-apple-iphone/7753/).

05-08-10, 04:28
All these iPhone-mania/iPhone-envy articles are getting old, tho iJobs can be totally happy now.

05-08-10, 10:33
They should try that tracking thing someday :p

05-08-10, 10:36
The leader of the Taliban should get one :)

In fact I'll buy one myself, plant a bomb in it and send it to him, then bang when he opens it :mis:

Super Badnik
05-08-10, 10:46
Maybe they could do what Blackberry did with that advert with the prison guards, but with the Taliban.

05-08-10, 10:51
Steve Jobs: spreading Capitalism one Taliban member at a time.

05-08-10, 11:09
whats next... place a bomb in it and resell it to a Westerner= kaboom

Dennis's Mom
05-08-10, 17:41
Won't they lose all cred when their inflammatory posts on jihad forums carry the tagline: "updated via the iPhone"? :D

Legend of Lara
05-08-10, 17:46
OMG BOYCOTT and so on.

05-08-10, 17:47
Android is above such terrorism :mis:

06-08-10, 14:09
Well the Artillery here currently use the IPAD to target shells, so it evens out abit.

06-08-10, 14:12
^ So does ours. Chris got to use it at work the other day and now he wants one!

The title of this thread made me lol too :vlol: I just imagine an outline of Osama rocking out with an iPod :vlol:

06-08-10, 15:27
I hope the Taliban and OBL are stupid enough dial up their iPhone. The DOD will be listening. :mis:


06-08-10, 15:36
Good for them! :tmb: